Los Angeles Artist TLUXX’s Released New Siingle Titled “Sweet Talk”

When music is your objective, you must have a powerful will and a focused intellect to achieve it. We locate the up and coming DJ/producer Brian Johnson, who is pushed by the bass, enticed by the spotlight, and guided by innovation. With unrelenting energy, his sounds have begun to erupt from the basement, headed towards mainstage realms.

With five years of DJ experience, the New Mexico native has built a name for himself under the pseudonym TLUXX, averaging no fewer than 50 gigs each year. With enormous goals and even bigger ambitions, it’s just a question of time until he meets the rest of the world.

Who is TLUXX?

TLUXX was born in a small town in New Mexico. A serious health problem caused him to abandon his ambition of becoming a professional baseball player in 2012. TLUXX found EDM musician Avicii while recuperating after surgery.

During his recuperation, he spent many hours in his basement studying the skills of music creation and DJing. During this journey, he came to the realisation that his life’s mission is to provide positive change in the society via music.

He was warmly welcomed by the DJ scene in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and he later scheduled 50 concerts each year, representing New Mexico on the Dunes platform at the Sun City Music Festival in El Paso, Texas. Soon after, he became a regular DJ at Albuquerque’s Lotus and Gravity nightclubs, subsequently relocating to Los Angeles to pursue his adventure and develop his producing talents through music theory and sound design classes.

TLUXX’S Sweet Talk:

TLUXX’s new single “Sweet Talk,” by Los Angeles musician TLUXX, will be released on all major platforms on August 6th. The tune, which was influenced by the dynamism of enticing sweet words in relations, is likely to provide listeners with a lot of energy and an irresistible dance beat.

TLUXX, a DJ/Producer of Electronic Dance Music, goes against the grain and failed to obey trends. When producing dynamic and one-of-a-kind tunes, he depends on instinct. His current track, “Sweet Talk,” was inspired by the concept of being enticed into something you shouldn’t in a relationship by appealing sweet talk.

Drew Ryn, a TikTok phenomenon with over 2 million followers and an X Factor finalist, came to LA to create and record the next smash single with him after crafting a compelling progression and excellent sound.

TLUXX’S Works:

Previous work includes his supporting DJ role for performers such Wolfgang Gartner, Dirty South, KhomHa, Jordan Suckley, Coone, Mark Breeze, GLD, Crisis ERA, Headhunterz, Zomboy, CandyLand, Cry Wolf, Riggi & Piros, MAKO, Party Favor and many more.

Where can you get TLUXX’S music?

You can head over to Spotify or the official website to enjoy the music. Or follow TLUXX’s social media platforms for more updates.

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