Loud musician makes neighbour Spotify playlist after note

The letter from the next door neighbour began with a request to “discuss your music” and then took a surprising turn.

It’s not unusual for a person making lots of noise in their home to be on the receiving end of a note from their neighbour.

But one man has gone viral for revealing the surprising letter he received about his music, in which his neighbour implored him not to stop playing it but share what playlist he was listening to.

US man Binh Cao tweeted that he had gotten “the opposite of a noise complaint” plus a beer from his neighbour.

The letter, which he also shared on Twitter, was from his neighbour known only as Todd and began with the ominous-sounding request to “discuss your music”.

The letter’s author then followed up with three points, the first being: “Turn it the f**k up. I’m not joking. You play good s**t!”

His second request was for Mr Cao to “tell me what songs you’re playing” as “I need that s**t for my playlist”.

Finally the letter ended with Todd stressing he “wasn’t being ironic or anything” and to “send me some songs!”.

“I’ve really enjoyed the music you’ve played since (you) moved in,” he wrote. “No joke – good music!”

Mr Cao’s tweet has since gone viral, getting over 492,000 likes and countless replies from people who labelled it “the best neighbour note I’ve ever seen”.

“Wish my neighbours were like this when I was younger,” one person tweeted. “I was in a metal band with my friend and we would practice at my parents house and every time we did without hesitation the cops would show up they even complimented us after showing up so many times lol.”

Others admitted to also being fans of their neighbour’s music choices, with another tweeting: “One time I shazamed a song through the floor of my apartment bc I liked what my downstairs neighbour was playing.”

Others called on Mr Cao to share his music, prompting him to create a Spotify playlist “inspired by Todd and dedicated to all the chill neighbours out there”.

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