Louie Gohmert Convinced Solar Energy Will Cause Epidemic Of Bird Guts

In a very on-brand rant for the bonkers Texas congressman (one of a few of them), Louis Gohmert warned that the Green New Deal will lead to an epidemic of exploding birds, and therefore has to be stopped. Gohmert’s warning happened during a Thursday interview One America News Network, where the congressman started ranting about the “huge solar farm” in California and Nevada that gets so hot, it’s liquifying birds right out of the sky in a grotesque display of avian carnage.

Via Raw Story:

“They weren’t anticipating hundreds and thousands of what they would call ‘flamers,’” he said. “Because when the birds fly through, if they survive the windmills, then they hit that magnified sun, explode in flame, and down they go, bird guts all over the mirrors. So that takes some cleaning up.”

Gohmert then said that this supposed wave of bird explosions proved that this “green stuff” is “out of control.”

Gohmert’s bird rant is yet another recent example of the congressman’s penchant for latching onto any conspiracy theory or right wing talking point under the sun. He was last seen teaming up with fellow Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Paul Gosar as the bumbling quartet attempted to protest the conditions of inmates who are being held on charges related to the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building.

However, the publicity stunt went up in smoke as the group was immediately stopped by a no-nonsense prison guard, who threatened to have them arrested for trespassing. It was a humiliating defeat that arrived just 24 hours after Gohmert and friends were forced to flee a press conference outside the Department of Justice because protestors wouldn’t stop whistling or yelling (at Gaetz), “Are you a pedophile?”

(Via Raw Story)

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