Love & Hip Hop New York Season 11 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

One cast member who may or may not make his return to “Love & Hip Hop: New York” is rapper Joe Budden, who has teased returning to music rather than the small screen. According to Revolt TV, Budden revealed that he’s been thinking about returning to music after taking a six-year hiatus, calling out Benny the Butcher for a joint record. “Benny, we gon’ rap together one day,” Budden said on his self-titled podcast. “And you not gon’ say that ‘Butcher Coming’ s**t when I’m there. We gon’ rap together one day, and I gotta get to tuck that The Butcher is Coming away.”

Budden continued, “It’s been six years since I’ve rapped. Wow. Like think about that. The only thing I ever knew how to do. My one love, my one passion, the one way I’ve taken care of myself my entire life, it’s been six years since I did that. I’m blown away by that.”

The rapper opened up about how much he’s matured in the past six years, telling fans, “When they say you changed, they be saying it like it’s an insult,” said Budden. “Yes, thank the Lord up above. If y’all was really in tune with the dude that was talking that s**t, you should’ve been praying for change. It was nuts.”


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