‘Love in Paradise’: Aryanna And Sherlon Have Not Started The K-1 Visa Process Yet

‘Love in Paradise’ Spoilers finds Arryanna got pregnant with Sherlon’s child on vacation and they seem to be pretty happy together in their long-distance relationship. However, Arryanna wants the Father of her baby in the same country as her, and that’s only natural, when you’re having a baby with someone you want them in the same country as you. However there’s just one problem – they have not started the K-1 visa process yet.

Aryanna probably hasn’t started it because of the lack of the actual income requirement it takes. Right now, Arryanna has moved back in with her Mom in order to make ends meet, and there is no actual word on whether or not she’s working right now but one should only assume that she is.

‘Love in Paradise’: Aryanna and Sherlon have no started the K-1 Visa process yet

After all, she seems to have enough money socked away to be going to visit Sherlon so that they can figure out their living arrangements now that they have a baby on the way.

The good thing is, Arryanna’s Mom, Karen, is completely supportive of her daughter and she has let her moved back in with her in order to save money. But she did point out some red flags, she said that while Arryanna hasn’t started the K1 Visa process yet, neither has Sherlon, and the responsibility shouldn’t be all on Arryanna and that’s a valid point.

Aryanna shouldn’t be the one to always bend for Sherlon in this relationship, especially if they plan on raising the child together.

So far, there seems to be no tension between Sherlon and his potential Mom-in-Law, she’s not mad at him for getting her daughter pregnant or anything, but did say in her confessional that she never expected to become a Grandma from a simple vacation.

Fair, no one ever really expects that. Right now they’re buying baby things and preparing for the inevitable when the baby is born, though one wonders if she plans on having the baby in the US or Jamaica, one would think the US but Sherlon might convince her to move to the islands, at least temporarily, you never know. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not these two actually try and get the K1 Visa process started. Stay tuned!!!

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