‘Love in Paradise’: Daniel Is Still Not Ready

Amber came all the way to Costa Rica to visit Daniel and to help him get ready for the K-1 Visa, only to find out that Daniel had quit his job. Daniel said she was going to be pissed and he was not wrong, however neither was Amber.

Amber told him that he was going to need money to file for the Visa and he was going to need money to get to America, but Daniel maintains that his job didn’t give him time in order to get off and go to the capital and get all of the necessary paperwork.

‘Love in Paradise’: Daniel is not ready

He said that he would need to get on a bus in order to do so. Amber exploded, saying, “Well, you don’t even need to be here then, you need to be on a bus!”

Daniel said that the task would be done within the week, but that’s looking doubtful. It kind of seems like Daniel is the type to put everything on hold… in the name of what, I have no idea, but he definitely doesn’t seem as committed to getting things done as Amber does.

Which is frustrating for both Amber and the fanbase alike because they do genuinely seem to love and appreciate each other, but inaction can cause resentment and Daniel may come to realize that sooner rather than later.

The thing is, Daniel broke a promise. He told Amber that he would have documentation in hand when she got there so that they could start the K-1 Visa filing process. So in eseenec he lied to her, that’s not a good way to start off the relationship.

One wonders what on earth may be the hold up with him though, is it just because he’s afraid that he’ll get turned down, Ala Ronald from Happily Ever After? Was there something in his past that could possibly prevent him from coming to the US?

He’s already moved countries once with no problem, so there should be nothing standing in his way, but the immigration process could be different from Venezuela to the United States, however it looks like he’s been a resident of Costa Rica for awhile now without any problems… but we’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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