‘Love in Paradise’: Key Is a Different Woman Now, But Does Mark Care? ‘The Caribbean’

When one reconnects with a lover, there is always the risk that the person you are today won’t mesh with the idea of the person that they fell in love with. That’s why Key wants to make sure that Mark gets to know her for the woman she is now instead of the woman she was back then, because back then, she was a different person altogether.

Back then, Key was addicted to drugs. You have to admire Key for being upfront with Mark first thing and saying that because of her former addiction that she has put up a wall.

That takes guts. 

Though, I’m not sure Mark knew exactly what she was trying to say. Key’s English isn’t too good and Mark was trying to lighten the mood by telling Dad jokes but Key’s english doesn’t translate well into humor yet so she didn’t understand the pirate joke – even though it was pretty obvious – and funny to boot.

It looks like they’re still getting to know each other, they’re still acting all lovey dovey and reconnecting by doing adorable, couple-y things like skateboarding together. Apparently when they first met, Mark was the one living in Panama and Key was the tourist, but now it’s the other way around, Mark is the tourist and Key is the one who’s now living in Panama.

They still haven’t had the epic conversation about being exclusive yet, nor have they had the conversation about Key possibly leaving Panama behind to come live in the United States with Mark. That’s Mark’s ultimate goal, to come and talk her into coming back with him.

But Key has already said that she has no interest in being in the United States, and right now I’m not sure how Mark is going to take that because that’s what his heart is set on.

Not that I’m not rooting for these two, I absolutely am, but it seems Key is pretty set in her lifestyle and in her ways and doesn’t really want to start a life in California, even if it is with Mark, however Mark is pretty persistant when it comes to getting what he wants, after all he’s come back for Key after all these years, but when it comes to love that’s a two-party situation. Will Key agree? Stay tuned!!!

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