‘Love in Paradise’: Key is not moving to California!

‘Love in Paradise’ Spoilers reveal that Key and Mark’s journey is going to end where it started, but are we really all that surprised? When they first reconnected after 10 years, Mark expected Key to just pick up her life and move with him to California, change her whole life around just for him, even after it had been 10 years and after what sounded like a near death experience.

After those two things, you can safely say that a person is changed, and Key realized that even though she loved Mark, she didn’t love him enough to just pick up her entire life and be with him in California.

‘Love in Paradise’: Key is not moving to California

There’s something to be said for recognizing your limits, for realizing that there’s no possible way that you can give all of yourself to someone in the way that they want. While it’s terrible for Mark that Key didn’t want to move to California to be with him, it’s also a lot healthier dynamic than we see in a lot of the relationships on the 90 day franchise.

A lot of times we will see couples hold on for the sake of holding on, even though it’s clear to see that they are unhappy together. With Mark and Key, they were happy together, but that happiness would not have continued had Key moved to California to be with Mark because that would have made a power imbalance that Key was not comfortable with.

And uncomfortable people often make terrible choices. Let’s face it, after the whole Mike and Natalie debacle, no one really wants to see that play out again. No one wants to see a couple that is miserable together on-screen and keeping it together just for the sake of the show, at least, if I were a producer that’s not the dynamic I would want to promote.

It was heartbreaking for Mark, because he was really trying to prove himself by taking Key to this fancy resort, something that they never got to do when they were together the first time, to prove that he was really in this relationship for the long haul – only to find out that Key… wasn’t.

However, would Mark have been happy with Key in California? If she had decided to move with him to be with him in California, and uprooted her entire life for him, would he have been happy? Maybe at first, but Mark had a tendency to make everything about, well, him.

While Key had to make a lot of allowances for Mark, it was noted that Mark didn’t really make that many allowances for Key, and even refused to learn Spanish unless she moved to California to be with him.

He cited the fact that language was hard and he didn’t want to fail at something, but he just came off rather arrogant. It’s sad that they broke up, but, they’ll probably work much better as friends than they did in a relationship. Stay tuned!!!

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