‘Love in Paradise’: Mark doesn’t see the bigger problem at hand

‘Love in Paradise’ Spoilers tells that, when Mark went to meet the love of his life, Key, after being separated for 10 years, he didn’t think that it was going to take more than 5 minutes and a few hot nights to convince her to come back to the United States with him.

In the last episode he gave her an ultimatum, an ultimatum that she did not appreciate because Key already has her life set up the way she wants it. Part of this problem might could be solved if Mark and Key could communicate better, but the thing is, Mark refuses to learn Spanish.

‘Love in Paradise’: Mark doesn’t see the bigger problem at hand

He straight up told her friend that the only way he would be open to learning Spanish is if Key moved to California to be with him. The thing is, he would have no reason to actually learn Spanish if Key was in California with him. We all know that, he’s just trying to get Key to California.

He did say that they had the same problems back a decade ago when they were together, ultimately the language barrier became a thing and even though they parted amicably, it was still an issue. Key speaks more English now than she did when they were together but her primary language is still Spanish and Mark was struggling to keep up with the conversation at the dinner table, much to the frustration of her friend.

Her friend said that she doesn’t really see Key with a guy like Mark. She also says that she knows Key and Key doesn’t like thinking in English or talking in English for that long, so if his ultimatum is making her go to a land where English is the primary language then he may have another thing coming.

In fact, Key basically sat there the entire night and trash-talked him to her friend, saying that if he wanted to be with her then he would have to learn Spanish. It seemed that Mark was taken aback by these remarks, but what was he expecting, exactly?

Key’s obviously not the same girl that she was 10 years ago, no one is the same person that they were 10 years ago, she’s not going to leave a life she’s worked a decade to build for California when she doesn’t have a client base there. Who can blame her? I guess Mark can. Stay tuned!!!

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