‘Love in Paradise’: Martine and Stephen Update!
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‘Love in Paradise’: Martine and Stephen Update!

‘Love in Paradise’ Spoilers finds that Martine is headed to the islands to visit her boyfriend, Stephen, the man whom she initially hooked up with 3 years ago. However, a year into the relationship, Stephen cheated on Martine, causing trust issues between the two.

The distance and being quarantined for four months away from each other due to COVID did not help matters. Now Martine is traveling back to the islands (now that the travel restrictions are lifted) to possibly pursue more with Stephen.

‘Love in Paradise’: But does he want more?

Stephen said in his confessional that before Martine, he was in an 8 year long relationship, a relationship where he had a young daughter who is now six. He said that his relationship with Sarai’s Mom was great, until it wasn’t anymore and now as a result he said that he didn’t want to enter into anything that put him under that much pressure anymore.

‘Love in Paradise’: You may want to get a refund on that ticket now, Martine.

Martine is expecting an engagement out of this trip, she said that she’s either leaving the islands with a ring on her finger, or she’s leaving single. They’re all lovey dovey right now, but how long will that last? Instead of bringing her to his place, Stephen said that it didn’t have quite the vibe that he wanted to put forth with Martine, so he got her a fancy suite, which was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in awhile.

Some of the guys on 90 day fiance could learn a thing or two from Stephen, considering some of the guys (AKA Mike Youngquist) literally have brought their ladies to a live-action re-enactment of “Cabin in the Woods” complete with crazy installed, but Stephen definitely put his best foot forward with Martine. Props to you, Stephen.

Martine was right, Stephen definitely knew what he was doing. He got reservations at the resteraunt on the boardwalk for them and they had two refreshing looking fancy cocktails, but Stephen seems a little distracted by the sexy island girls who are flirting with him. Since Stephen is a DJ, he’s used to being recognized and used to girls coming up to him and wanting to take pictures with him, he says it’s just part of the job.

However now since Martine is there, she wants him all to herself, she’s having some major problems with how non-chalant he is about the girls because of the whole cheating thing. Already there’s problems. Yike. Stay tuned!!!

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