‘Love in Paradise’: Paradise Schmaradise

‘Love in Paradise’ Spoilers tells us that Sherlon got COVID and Arryanna was forced to go back to the United States because even though he was asymptomatic she is pregnant and can’t risk exposing the baby, they tried to do a socially distant goodbye, but the driver wouldn’t let her take Sherlon’s flowers with her on the bus because of COVID.

Sherlon tested positive not only once, but twice, they thought that the first test could be a false positive (how they calculate that, I have no idea) but the second test told them everything they needed to know. Arryanna couldn’t afford to wait it out, so she had to go home to the states.

‘Love in Paradise’: Paradise Schmaradise

Key and Mark will not be restarting their life together in California, however, the two do want to be together. So when Mark gets back to California, he will be located a Spanish teacher in an attempt to compromise with Key. He did ask her if they could be exclusive, but Key said that she wasn’t ready for that yet, she wants to keep her options open while Mark is in the US and not be pressured to be all by herself.

Mark didn’t really like this idea, but was willing to compromise because he literally doesn’t want to lose Key. He said that while she said no to California, she was saying yes to him, and he liked the possibility of that reality, so they aren’t quite over yet, but we’ll see.

Daniel and Amber, after all the drama, did manage to get all of the paperwork done for their Visa. Amber was nervous because she couldn’t accompany Daniel in to the interview, but fortunately for her Daniel managed to answer all the questions correctly and his Visa got approved.

The most unsatisfying storyline this time had to be Martine and Steven’s storyline. Martine came down to the islands with the mission of getting Steven to marry her and it looks like she succeeded for the most part. She has trust issues because he has cheated in the past and most recently she found a text on his phone that worried her, but Steven assured her that there wasn’t anything going down and finally ended up biting the bullet and getting an engagement ring for her… only to chicken out asking her to marry him at the last minute.

What a waste! (The ring was $10K too… yike!) We didn’t even get a definitive proposal, just a lot of hemming and hawing on Steven’s part so next week is when he’ll pop the question I guess. We’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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