‘Love in Paradise’: Sherlon is after a different kind of Visa

‘Love in Paradise‘ Spoilers reveal that Arryanna might be six months pregnant with Sherlon’s child, but he is in no rush to get married, much to Arryanna’s dismay. Although, actually, considering how most of the way that the relationship on 90 day fiance turn out in the end, maybe that’s a really good thing.

Arryanne forced Sherlon to go to the tourist office to ask about the K-1 Visa, which they did, but Sherlon also asked if there was another option on the table besides getting married within 90 days, because right now they have only known each other for 17 days and he doesn’t think that that’s enough time to build a relationship for a healthy marriage.

‘Love in Paradise’: …Sherlon might be the smartest man ever on this entire franchise…

Arryanna is, of course, not happy, but the options of the B1/B2 Visa actually sound a lot less stringent than the K-1 Visa. There is no pressure to marry, and there is nothing saying that they can’t be together and live as a married couple while he’s here, but he just has to get a letter of employment from somewhere in the states and have a passport photo made which is totally doable.

Well, the letter of employment from the states might be a bit of a stretch right now but he has to apply for jobs in the US and get hired in order to be able to even come for a visit… which would make sense.

The only drawback to this kind of visa would be the fact that there would only be a 50/50 chance that he would be there for the birth, Arryanna is not liking that one bit because right now with COVID restrictions the way they are, she may not even get to have her Mom with her in the delivery room.

She also clearly does not want to be a single Mom. The lady at the tourist office felt sorry for her, she said that she knows love and she doesn’t see it between these two. Yike!

I don’t think it’s anything serious, but I definitely sense a lot of trepidation from Sherlon, which is only understandable, marriage is supposed to be permanent, just like the life they created. Will Arryanna settle for the B1/B2 visa or will she force Sherlon to get the K-1 Visa anyway? Stay tuned!!!

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