‘Love in Paradise’ Spoilers: One Heartbeat Made All The Difference Between Sherlon And Aryanna

‘Love in Paradise’ Spoilers reveal that Sherlon had been hemming and hawing his way through Love in Paradise and was reluctant to come to the United States with his significant other, Arryanna, because they had only been together for 17 days altogether, and Arryanna is already pregnant.

Arryanna wanted to get the K-1 Visa, but Sherlon thought that may be applying for a different type of Visa first would be wiser and then there wouldn’t be the pressure on their relationship to get married because sometimes that can break couples up. (Although, one could argue that that was exactly the kind of pressure that Arryanna wanted.)

‘Love in Paradise’ Spoilers: One Heartbeat Made All The Difference Between Sherlon And Aryanna

However, what Arryanna didn’t realize was that she may not even have to force Sherlon’s hand with the K-1 Visa after all. She brought a very valuable tool along on her trip, and that was a baby heart monitor. Back at Sherlon’s apartment, she hooked up the baby heart monitor and let Sherlon hear his son’s heartbeat for the first time.

The change in Sherlon was immediate. Sometimes, having a baby can seem surreal, especially to people who aren’t pregnant. Sometimes a baby doesn’t seem ‘real’ because it can’t be seen… but Sherlon’s son proved that he can be heard.

After hearing the heartbeat, Sherlon said that he was more determined than ever to get to the United States in time to see his son be born. He actively wants to be there for the birth now, hearing the heartbeat has lit a fire underneath him that wasn’t there before.

It was heartening to see such a change in his personality from apprehensive and trepidatious to wanting to leap into action and be the Dad that his son needs. That was a sweet sight to see, and it should calm Arryanna’s nerves a bit about the process.

Although, just because Sherlon wants to be there for the son’s birth and is committed to being a good Dad, doesn’t automatically mean that he and Arryanna are a match made in heaven quite yet. They still have some getting to know each othe to do.

So far, Arryanna seems to be adjusting well to Sherlon’s apartment life in Jamaica, she did say that the place was very, very hot though. We’ll see how that goes for the rest of the pregnancy. Stay tuned!!!

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