Love Island fans celebrate as Jake and Liberty breakup ends in tears

After weeks of despair, fans finally rejoiced as Liberty broke up with Jake during the August 19 episode of Love Island. The 21-year-old was greeted with an outpouring of love on Twitter, with supporters saying they “appreciate” her. 

The pair got together on day one, though Jake initially had his doubts. He confessed to former Islander Hugo Hammond early on that he “wasn’t sure if the attraction was 100% there.” His comments were later shown to Liberty during Love Island Movie Night.

Liberty quickly became one of the best-liked contestants in the villa. Fans tipped her to win, despite the fact that Jake ended up in the bottom three on August 8.

A viral TikTok posted August 13 revealed “uncomfortable” behavior from Jake. The contestant kept Liberty away from the rest of the group, despite her wanting to join them. Fans claimed he was “controlling” and “a red flag.”

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Jake first coupled up with Liberty on day one.

What was the final straw for Liberty?

After seven turbulent weeks, Liberty decided to call it quits with Jake. In an emotional conversation with Faye, the fan-favorite admitted she “can’t pretend (she’s) happy” when she’s “not.”

While confessing her feelings to Jake, the Islander stated she “didn’t feel like (he was) into her.” She expressed that if her partner truly did “love” her, he’d see past her “messiness.”

Jake insisted he’d “never change for anyone,” and “if we’re not right for each other then that’s it.” The former couple agreed to “go their separate ways” before Liberty returned her gifted bracelet.

Fans celebrated the break-up on Twitter

Viewers stood by Liberty after the teary split. One Twitter user claimed that “she’s actually very secure.” Another said that she must be “mentally exhausted” after “loving someone who doesn’t love (her) back.”

Jake faced backlash for coupling up with Liberty in the first place. “Jake is doing more talking with the boys than he did in fighting for his relationship,” one user said. “Jake has never actually reassured Liberty,” said another.

Liberty also claimed a few celebrity supporters after the break-up. Radio presenter Greg James stated, “I love Liberty. She should win on her own.” Former Love Island winner Amber Gill said, “thank God Liberty realized.”

Insiders are also Tweeting spoilers after the cliffhanger ending. Click at your own risk!

With the final just days away, will Liberty leave with her head held high? Check out the highlights on the official Love Island YouTube channel!

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