Love Island host Laura Whitmore sparks backlash as she defends ‘awkward’ reunion show

Love Island presenter Laura Whitmore has spoken out on why Kaz Kamwi was not interviewed on the sofa during the awkward reunion show on Sunday night, but fans are still unimpressed with her response.

Laura, 36, and ITV producers came under fire from fans after they noticed Kaz and her partner Tyler Cruickshank were not invited up on stage despite coming fourth place in the finals.

Viewers were also left confused by the fact that Hugo Hammond and Liberty Poole were given the opportunity to sit on the sofa to share their thoughts on the series – even though they were not finalists.

After receiving backlash for the construct of the reunion, Laura took to Instagram to “clarify” what took place.

Laura clarified why Kaz was not invited on stage during the reunion
(Image: ITV)

She penned: “Shall I clarify a few things?”

“We invited Kaz to sit with Toby for his exes segment but she didn’t want to and it’s her choice to make. Everything is run through with the producers beforehand. It’s all about choice!

“I only ask questions that are approved by the compliance division. A lot of meetings happen before I see the script and then I can add my voice.”

The host also spoke about why the other islanders may appeared to be rather stiff during the reunion and mentioned that they were not allowed alcohol during the event.

Fans were disappointed that Kaz and Tyler were not invited on stage
Fans were disappointed that Kaz and Tyler were not invited on stage
(Image: ITV)

She continued: “Unlike previous years the islanders weren’t allowed alcohol. Please remember they are just regular people who were nervous on live telly.

“I’m sure some some would have loved a drink for their nerves!

“I however had a large glass of wine before the show…Having spend the last two series of Celeb Juice not drinking I owed it to myself!”

But fans were still not pleased with Laura’s response and took to Twitter to share their thoughts regarding Kaz and Tyler’s lack of air time during the reunion.

Laura took to Instagram to clear things up
Laura took to Instagram to clear things up
(Image: thewhitmore/Instagram)

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: “Laura Whitmore saying they invited Kaz as an ‘ex of Toby’ is everything that’s wrong with #LoveIsland and her as a host.

“Kaz literally helped make the show and was a big existence and part in the villa… and she was a flipping FINALIST. #LoveIslandReunion Alas queens prevail.”

Another said: “Shame on @itvstudios @LoveIsland & @thewhitmore for asking Kaz to join the sofa as Toby’s ex but not together with Tyler as a finalist couple.

“She did well to refuse, its insulting. Do you guys not see the problem in this? So disappointing #LoveIslandReunion.”

“The Love Island reunion show was mega awkward,” a third person penned.

Fans shared their thoughts regarding the reunion on Twitter
Fans shared their thoughts regarding the reunion on Twitter
(Image: ITV)

Although she received heavy criticism from certain viewers, others were more understanding and defended the host.

“I don’t get why everyone’s hating Laura Whitmore when she doesn’t have any control in producing the show so like it’s not her,” one fan said.

Another fan tweeted: “Everyone complaining about Laura Whitmore looks dumb as f**k, like y’all ain’t know she doesn’t choose what to say & where ppl sit, sis is boring but yikes.”

A third penned: “Stop hating on Laura like what are u looking to gain, no matter what u say or do it will not affect her, ITV has made it clear Laura will not be removed, Laura has made it clear she’s not going, go focus on important thing like the abortion case in Texas.”

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