‘Love Island USA’ Cast Members Reunite in New York City

Season 3 of Love Island may have recently come to a close, but the cast has already reunited. As PEOPLE noted, many of the cast members from the latest season gathered in New York City over the weekend. Their get-together came about a week after the Season 3 finale, during which Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy were crowned as the winners.

Many of the recent contestants from Season 3 of Love Island attended this reunion. The finalists, which included Olivia, Korey, Will Moncada, Kyra Lizama, Jeremy Hershberg, Bailey Marshall, Charlie Lynch, and Alana Paolucci, all appeared at the event. Several others from the season, including Cashay “Cash” Proudfoot, Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr., Shannon St. Clair, Josh Goldstein, Trina Njoroge, and Florita Diaz, also traveled to New York City for the reunion festivities. The celebration apparently started off with a meal, as captured by Cash on her Instagram Story.

The group then traveled to Margaritaville Resort in Times Square, during which they partied and posed for photos on the rooftop. While the event seemed to serve as a reunion for Season 3, stars from all seasons of Love Island USA were spotted in New York City over the weekend. Season 2’s Cely Vazquez, Justine Ndiba and Moira Tumas, and Season 1’s Ray Grant and Aissata Diallo all posed for photos alongside their fellow Love Island alumni.

Shortly before this reunion took place, PopCulture.com got to catch up with all of the finalists, including winners Olivia and Korey. During the interview with the winning pair, the couple did tease their then-upcoming travel plans for their NYC excursion. Of course, they also opened up about what their post-Villa relationship will look like.

According to both Olivia and Korey, they’re looking forward to experiencing numerous adventures together. Olivia said that the two are both “free birds,” adding, “We run our own… I run my own business, so I can leave whenever I want to. He is on track to just succeeding in life so he can do whatever he wants. So yeah, we’re just going to have fun; we’re going to travel a lot.” Korey agreed, saying that he was down for anything “spontaneous” with Olivia. “Like she said, we’re both kind of in a position to where there’s nothing tying us down to where we live and everything like that,” he said. “We can just wake up one morning and just like, ‘Let’s go to Greece, that’s what we’re doing.’ So I’m excited.”

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