‘Love Island USA’ Eliminated Contestant Trina Talks About Her Experience

Former Love Island USA contestant Trina Njoroge is talking about her experience in the villa. She didn’t have the best time. Trina ended up in a love triangle with Cashay Proudfoot and Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. She didn’t have much of a chance to find love because of that ongoing drama.

Towards the end of her journey, Trina recoupled with Andre Brunelli. Fans wanted them to make it to the very end and win the whole thing. Though America voted for the couple, they were sent packing on Thursday night’s episode. The islanders ended up voting them out because they felt the two were more like friends.

How does Trina Njoroge feel about leaving the villa?

Love Island USA had its last elimination before the season finale. Trina is the latest islander to leave the villa. This came as a shock to fans who wanted the couple to win. They feel that the other couples don’t deserve the $100,00 grand prize.

Fans also felt that Trina deserved another shot at love. Her time in the villa was filled with its share of ups and downs. The 25-year-old nurse called it “challenging,” but she has “no regrets whatsoever” with how everything played out. Trina also doesn’t regret having that messy love triangle with Cinco and Cash.

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As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Cash and Cinco rekindled their relationship outside the villa. They are just taking their time and seeing how it goes. Trina told Entertainment Tonight that she learned a lot about “patience” while being part of that love triangle. Even though she wanted to be with Cinco, she realized that she couldn’t let down her walls with him.

“I felt like I couldn’t really be my true self with Cinco and I did hold back and had my guard up because I knew he was still contemplating who he actually wants to be with,” she explained. “Casa Amor was actually really great timing for Cash and I because we had no interruptions, no distractions and we could really dive in deep with what was going on with Cinco. I told her I’m glad she’s following her heart.”

Love Island USA star is supportive of Cash

Despite what Love Island USA fans may think, Trina supports Cash. The two have become good friends thanks to the show. She also talked about the moment where they wore matching dashikis. She has a feeling that their friendship will survive the villa.

“Even that iconic moment of me giving her my dashiki, it was a very sentimental piece that I got from my grandmother in Kenya,” Trina said. “I wanted to give it to her to show her, look, we’ve been through ups and downs here in the villa. We are both Black queens. We are resilient. This was just a bumpy road for us, but we have a long life friendship to look forward to after this.”

[Credit: CBS/YouTube]

[Credit: CBS/YouTube]

Trina got those dashikis from her grandmother in Kenya. She knew had to give them to someone she liked and appreciated. That’s when Trina gave hers to Cash. She called it an “iconic moment” that was also “very powerful even though nothing is said.”

What are your thoughts on Trina’s elimination? What are your thoughts on Trina and Cash’s friendship? Who are you voting for in the season finale? Sound off below in the comments.

The Love Island USA Season 3 finale airs Sunday, August 15 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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