‘Love Island USA’ Reboot?! Why Fans Think The Show Needs New Life

Love Island USA fans feel that the show is on the wrong network. They are not happy with this season. It had a strong and promising start with some of the couples. Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama seemed like a convincing couple that would last. Then rumors swirled that they knew each other before going on the show.

Will messed up their relationship when he met Florence Mueller at Casa Amor. He didn’t share all the details of their sensual tryst with Kyra. She willingly believed him and took him back. Front runners Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein had to leave the show due to a death in Josh’s family.

Fan-favorites like Cashay Proudfoot, Javonny Vega, and Aimee Flores went home. Some say it’s boring with the mix of originals and new islanders that are left. Unfortunately, no one has uttered the four-letter word, and the nearby residents are growing unhappy with each passing day. Love Island USA Season 3 will wrap up soon since this season was a dud.

Now, the fans think that the show needs a major reboot.

Fans say the dating series is on the wrong network

Some of the fans have shared their thoughts on social media. They’re more outspoken on Twitter. Others have taken to the Love Island USA Reddit to discuss the current season. One fan wondered if any American producers actually watched Love Island UK or Love Island Australia before filming this show. The format typically lasts six to eight weeks.

According to the fan, the producers may have wanted a family-friendly or friendly vibe with as little drama as possible. They could’ve had a hand in encouraging contestants not to cause drama. Some of the islanders openly said they don’t want any drama in the villa. They wanted to keep things friendly.

Also, the remaining relationships are very platonic. Most of the cast ended up in “situationships.” The fan added that the CBS producers were hoping to make this show the next Bachelor In Paradise. Maybe they had a different vibe in mind for this season compared to the last. If they had watched the other versions, they would know how big of a disappointment this one is.

Love Island USA fans want a reboot.

Some Love Island USA fans think the problem is that it doesn’t belong on the CBS network. Even having episodes called “LaidBare” on Paramount+ isn’t enticing enough to subscribe to Paramount+. Some feel it belongs on a racier network like MTV or VH1. Others think it would fit in with popular dating shows like Love Is Blind and Too Hot To Handle on Netflix.

Most fans who watch this show are used to the UK version. But even those who only watched the American version are disappointed with this season. Fans noted that CBS thinks “love triangles and quirky white girls” are what makes the show what it is. It failed to captivate an audience even with its most diverse group of people yet.

Reddit users have differing opinions. Some fans enjoy the comfort factor of the show, while others want something more cutthroat. Regardless, Love Island USA lost the show’s point, which is to help these people find love. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the eliminated islanders found love outside of the show.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the show needs to move to a new network? Do you think it should get a major reboot? Sound off below in the comments.

Love Island USA airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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