‘Love Island’ USA Season 3 Contestants Reunite After Shocking Elimination

Following a shocking pair of eliminations in the last week of episodes on Love Island USA, Season 3 contestants Cashay Proudfoot and Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. are looking forward to their future together. After Proudfoot was eliminated in the Aug. 6 episode of the CBS reality dating competition, the 25-year-old posted to her Instagram Story on Sunday night that she and Holland, originally eliminated on the Aug. 1 episode, were officially paired up outside the Villa.

In a pair of videos shared to her Instagram, Proudfoot revealed she was on her way back to her hometown when she ran into Holland, 25, letting out her signature squeal. Greeting fans on her profile with a coy greeting, Proudfoot admitted that though she missed her flight, she was happy to have finally reunited with him. “Boo crew, we’re here,” she said. She went on to thank fans for their supportive messages, further explaining where the two currently stand. “We’re figuring it out,” she said in the video as Holland hugged her. “But, no pressure, please, because we’re just chilling and we’re just going to see what happens. Thank you, guys!”

Proudfoot went on to share several other snippets with Holland, including a “home-cooked meal” she was treated to and another video of him tying her silk hair wrap. “Durag gang, We back! We back!” But the affection following the anticipated reunion that fans were asking for since Day 1 on Love Island wasn’t just limited to the pair. Holland’s father, Melvin Holland Sr., took to Twitter to share a snapshot with the newly reconnected duo, while also stating her met Proudfoot’s mom and sister.

While the third season of Love Island has met its up and downs, Proudfoot and Holland have come a long way since their first recoupling on the Island. The Islanders had an incredible bond, which was met with complications following Holland’s feelings for Trina Njoroge, 25, whom he later coupled up with despite Proudfoot still admitting her affections for him.

With the love triangle deepening following Charlie Lynch’s debut after Casa Amor’s introduction and tensions rising between the couples, Holland was soon dumped from the island, followed days later with Proudfoot’s exit after Lynch, 30, recoupled with Alana Paolucci, 28.

In an interview with PopCulture.com following his exit from the Island, Holland explained how he and Proudfoot had a conversation the day before Casa Amor ni which she expressed her feelings for him. The 25-year-old went on to state that after they had their chat, he began to rethink his relationships with the two women.

“I was kind of comparing the two and I felt that me and Cash progressed a lot more,” he said in our exclusive. “We were having more open conversations and stuff like that. It’s not knocking Trina, cause she’s a great woman, beautiful black woman … I love her to bits, I still have feelings for her.” Holland added that even though it took him “a while to figure it out,” he “felt like the best connection for me was with Cash.”

Love Island airs Tuesdays through Fridays at 9 p.m. ET, and Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Fans can binge this entire season of Love Island USA on Paramount+ to catch up before the finale on Sunday, Aug. 15.

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