Love Island’s Faye Winter breaks silence over Ofcom outburst and admits ‘she was wrong’

Love Island’sFaye Winter has broken her silence over her explosive outburst on the hit ITV2 show.

The series was hit with 25,000 complaints to Ofcom after Faye lost her temper at now-boyfriend Teddy Soares.

The 26-year-old has admitted that she got things “wrong” and was “embarrased” by her shocking reaction.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, Faye said: “There were times I dealt with it completely wrongly. And everyone unfortunately got to see that.”

Faye kicked off after seeing a clip of Teddy confessing that he was sexually attracted to Clarisse Juliettè during his time in Casa Amor, despite him staying loyal.

Faye has broken her silence on her explosive rage at Teddy

She screamed at the 26-year-old and provoked an outraged action from viewers back home, sparking a record number of complaints about an episode of Love Island.

“I’d be lying if I said that when I saw 25,000 complaints, I wasn’t upset – I was already embarrassed about the situation,” Faye said of learning the news.

The star said that seeing the complaints had caused her to worry about how her family had coped bearing the “brunt”.

The star said she was "embarrassed" by her behaviour
The star said she was “embarrassed” by her behaviour

She confessed that her sister, Jo, “wasn’t happy” with the way in which she acted, but the two have gotten past it.

Despite the record number of complaints, Ofcom dismissed the concerns, saying: “We consider the scenes were within viewers’ likely expectations of this programme’s established format.”

While many have partly blamed Faye’s reaction on the manipulations of the Love Island producers, she was quick to defend them.

Faye credited the show with helping her move past some of her pre-existing issues
Faye credited the show with helping her move past some of her pre-existing issues

“People seem to forget that you can say no,’ she says. ‘[The producers] don’t force you,” she said.

She also credited the show with forcing her to face many of her pre-existing problems and work through them while in the villa.

“[It] allowed me to realise that I couldn’t run, I had to deal with my problems face on,” she candidly admitted.

“And that’s one thing I’m grateful for – because I don’t think I would have ever overcome that.”

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