Love Island’s Millie Court goes viral for playing the piano “like a six year-old”

Love Island contestant Millie Court has blown up on social media after showcasing her “talent” for playing the piano. The 24-year-old played “…definitely a love song” for the other couples during a talent show, making partner Liam swoon. The clip provoked a mass of memes from fans. 

Some fans on Twitter users have been bashing this year’s season for being “boring” and “toxic.” Others have branded contestants such as Priya and Jake “unlikable.”

The series has even drawn over 25,000 complaints to OFCOM (the UK’s TV regulatory body) after Faye’s hour-long rampage.

After a turbulent couple of months, the August 17 episode featured a talent show to lift everyone’s spirits. Little did Millie know, her piano playing skills would deliver infinite meme potential for her supporters.

Topic starts at 5:26.

Millie “the next Elton John?”

Some fans fan certainly thinks so, along with Liam, who “fell in love” over Millie’s short performance.

After Liam showcased his “cruise ship” style singing, some fans imagined a dream scenario between the couple…

…With the exception of fellow favorite Chloe, who was “trying not to laugh” during the whole thing.

Some branded Millie’s piece as “grade 2,” while one user said she played “like a 6-year-old.”

As always, ‘Love Island Art History’ was quick on the draw, comparing the scene to a classic painting by Pierre Bonnard.

Other islanders were trolled for their talents

Chloe’s capability for “foundation” math sent fans into a frenzy. One Twitter user commented on the “campness” of her chosen talent. Another simply stated that he “would’ve failed maths” if Chloe was his teacher.

While Teddy rapped about his journey on the show (“one-girl-two-girl-three-girls-four…”) Twitter users “cringed.” This year’s unofficial Love Island commentator and journalist Jason Okundaye compared his rapping to “Iggy Azalea.” Other users suggested it should’ve been Chloe up there instead.

For more bitesize chunks of Love Island drama, check out their official YouTube channel.

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