‘LPBW’ Amy Roloff Reveals Nosey & Noisy Wedding Crasher 

Amy Roloff of LPBW revealed she and Chris had a wedding crasher on the property yesterday. With Amy Roloff being a reality TV star, it isn’t unfounded that someone might try to crash her and Chris’ special day. After all, Amy Roloff has a lot of fans and followers. Moreover, Little People, Big World fans have been anticipating this big day for a while.

Amy Roloff was able to snap a photo and some videos of their wedding crasher. Turns out, he was a noisy and nosey little guy. The question the LPBW star had was pretty simple: should she put the wedding crasher to work?

LPBW – Amy Roloff – Chris Marek

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek get married today

Amy Roloff’s family and friends have spent the last few days racing to get things ready for the wedding. And, LPBW fans couldn’t be more excited. Amy confirmed they completed the rehearsal. All that was left for her to walk down the aisle and start the new chapter of her life with her husband Chris! Finally, their wedding day is here and the Roloff family couldn’t be happier.

As we previously reported, all four of Amy Roloff’s children are attending the wedding. This even includes the elusive Molly Roloff. Fans weren’t really sure if Molly was attending the wedding because she didn’t appear to attend Amy’s bridal shower.

The TLC star snaps photo of wedding crasher

Amy Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to reveal there was a wedding crasher. She took some videos and captured a few photos. She questioned who let this guy onto the property. Moreover, she pondered if she should just put the nosey and noisy little fella to work.

Check out a few photos of Amy Roloff and Chris Marek’s wedding crasher down below.

Amy Roloff Wedding Crasher
Amy Roloff Instagram Stories

Turns out, there was a rooster wandering around the property as if he was assisting in the wedding details. Amy Roloff questioned who brought the rooster. She, however, proceeded to ponder if she should just put the rooster to work too. In a vote, fans agreed she should put the rooster to work. In fact, only a small percentage thought he was too noisy and nosey to be helpful.

Is this feathery little wedding crasher what you were expecting? Do you think Amy Roloff might have some other wedding crashers to worry about? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Roloff family.

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