‘LPBW’ Isabel Roloff Fears For Mental Health & Unborn Child?

Little People Big World star Isabel Roloff had some rather strong words for some of her followers.

Simply put, “people are vile,” Roloff wrote on Instagram a few days ago, adding that she was turning off her messages out of concerns over her “mental health.”

The LPBW star also admonished her fans. She went on to explain that after admitting in July that she was expecting, she said she had some important messages for her followers. In particular, she talked about why it’s “vital that you show up with kindness any chance you get.”

“People in the ‘public eye’ will read the nastiest things about themselves and have to just go about their days like they didn’t,” she wrote. “Combat the bad with even more good. Make people smile for no reason. Above all else please spread LOVE, because it is so clearly needed now more than ever.”

Isabel Roloff then shared a slogan that she’s trying to live her own life by these days.

“If you are not adding to the good, shame on you,” she wrote. “The world needs kind people.”

While the mother-to-be didn’t share what exactly she was referring to, there have been other hints that some of the Roloff clan’s fans haven’t been spreading peace and joy.

Isabel Roloff Keeping Baby Under Wraps

Isabel Roloff/Instagram

When the baby does arrive, it appears that both Isabel and Jacob are going to keep things under wraps. Indeed, last week, Jacob made it very clear that Little People Big World fans are never actually going to see pictures of the new arrival.

“Yes this is my beautiful wife yes I am excited to be with her again yes I cannot wait to meet my son,” Jacob wrote next to a picture of he and his pregnant wife. “Yes I am looking forward to the rest of my life con mi familial.”

He then went on to thank people for their kind words, however, if they were excited to see the baby when it arrives, they were going to be disappointed.

“Thank you thank you for friendly comments however none of you (online) will ever ‘see’ my son. It is, specifically, not personal.”

Comments Over The Top

The reactions from both parents seem a little harsh if you don’t understand what started them all. After hearing what the LPBW star was told by one fan, it becomes less difficult to understand why the impending parents are going to be very cautious with how they deal with the online world.

Isabel Roloff hasn’t shared everything that was said, but she did divulge that one particular fan called her fat.

Worse than that, it appears one person threatened her unborn child. Because she wasn’t specific it’s impossibly to know exactly what they said. However, any threat like that is completely unacceptable.

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