‘LPBW’ Jeremy Roloff Proves Chip Off His Father’s Block

LPBW personality Jeremy Roloff really is a chip off his father Matt Roloff’s block. Although Matt has three sons, Jeremy Roloff certainly has proven that he is the son most like his father.

Although many fans might argue Zach Roloff is more like his father, it’s an argument that’s easily lost especially when you see how Jeremy Roloff spent this past weekend.


LPBW: Jeremy Roloff  Spent His Weekend Doing Projects

LPBW alum Jeremy Roloff is hard at work this weekend. He’s tending to projects at the home he shares with his wife Audrey Roloff and their two kids Ember Roloff and Bode Roloff. He and Audrey are preparing for the arrival of their third child in November. So as the time ticks away, certainly, Jeremy has a honey-do list a mile long to get done before they welcome the newest Roloff.

The LPBW dad of two was hard at work redoing the staircase in their home. Jeremy started off by stacking wood in the yard. Then he went on to paint their kitchen cabinets and lastly worked on the stairs. The caulking part of the project really was more work than he anticipated. However, the end result was worth the effort. The new stairs are white.  He and Audrey opted to leave the spindles brown for contrast. Jeremy says he can easily paint them white to match the stairs if they don’t like it.

Jeremy Roloff Instagram
Jeremy Roloff Instagram

Jeremy Roloff Instagram

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff  Takes After His Dad

LPBW fans know how much Matt Roloff likes to tackle projects. Usually, he’s taking on more than he can handle. Often he scrambles to make deadlines. However, no one can say Matt Roloff is lazy or lacks ambition. Matt’s raised three very different sons. All have their own talents and special gifts. Now with all the projects Jeremy’s doing, it’s obvious to most that Jeremy, out of all his siblings, is the most like his father.

LPBW fans might feel  Zach is most like Matt cause they see him on their family’s hit TLC show.  Fans have forgotten how hard-working and ambiguous Jeremy is. It’s a case of out of sight, out of mind. However, when you look at all his social media posts, it’s clear Jeremy is the one who most embodies his father’s entrepreneurial spirit. Jeremy is not afraid to get his hands dirty and multi-task.

Perhaps Jeremy is the better Roloff to take over Roloff Farms. Certainly, he’s proven he’s the total package of brains, brawn, and business savvy.

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