‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff Takes Actions Towards Pumpkin Season

Where has summer gone?! That is what Matt Roloff’s latest post will have you asking. He took to social media to get an early start on promoting the popular pumpkin patch event at Roloff Farms. Keep reading for all the details about Pumpkin Season 2021.

Little People, Big World Star Completes New Building For Amy’s Wedding

Matt Roloff is awfully eager for his ex-wife to get married. When Amy had trouble finding a wedding venue, Matt extended an offer to have the wedding at Roloff Farms. As viewers know, Matt is now the sole owner of the vast property after Amy finally sold him her shares.


Credit: Caryn Chandler/Instagram

Never one to miss a chance to construct something, Matt went above and beyond for the wedding. Instead of holding it in one of the other buildings on the farm, he decided to build a whole new structure instead. After some delays, he shared on his Instagram that the building is finally done, just days before Amy is set to walk down the aisle. Check out the gorgeous finished project:

Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

Matt Roloff Begins Prep For Pumpkin Season 2021

In the caption about the wedding venue, Matt Roloff mentions pumpkin season. Now that the structure of Amy’s wedding is complete, he’s turning his attention to his other favorite venture: pumpkin season.

Roloff Farms is more than just a pumpkin patch. Thanks to Matt Roloff, the event features scenic trails, tours, and many other family-friendly activities. Not surprisingly, it takes A LOT of prep to get the farm ready for a huge influx of guests, especially without Amy’s help.  Matt Roloff announced on his social media that he is taking action to get the farm ready, including kicking off ticket sales.

Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram
Pumpkin season/Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

Hours, Location, COVID Precautions, and More Info

Interested in visiting Roloff Farms for pumpkin season? Keep reading for more information about the event.

When: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting October 1st through October 30th. Roloff Farms is open to guests on those days from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The website warns that the farm closes promptly at 5:30.

Where: Roloff Farms is located in Hillsboro, Oregon, about 30 minutes from Portland.

COVID Precautions: During the 2020 pumpkin season, face masks were required for guests. However, those rules seem to be relaxed slightly for the 2021 season. While masks are recommended for the unvaccinated, they aren’t required. The farm staff will be wearing masks. Sanitation stations will be available on the farm.

Ticket Prices, Important Information: Reservations are required to visit Roloff Farms during the 2021 pumpkin season. Furthermore, all transactions on the farm are credit card only, including the purchase of pumpkins. The price of admission is $24 per person, with children under two admitted for free. The price of pumpkins varies depending on the size.

For more information and to purchase your reservations, head over to the official Roloff Farms website.

Are you excited about Matt Roloff’s announcement about the 2021 pumpkin season? If you’ve been to Roloff Farms, share your experience in the comments below.

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