‘Lucifer’ Error Possibly Spotted in Season 5

A Lucifer viewer has seemingly noticed a small dialogue error, and media outlets are picking up the possibly slip-up. While the Netflix show is nearing release of Season 6, this error was actually spotted in the first half of Season 5 In fact, it’s in Season 5, Episode 1, “Really Sad Devil Guy.” A user named Michal posted the error on MovieMistakes.com and it was picked up by The Daily Express. (The U.K.-based outlet seems to run these kinds of stories regularly.)

The scene in question comes as Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) are investigating a case together while Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) is back in Hell. After a person of interest is hit by a car and killed, the duo confer with Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) to figure out their next moves. Maze delivers a bit of dialogue, Brandt appears to misspeak. While it might just have been some clunky dialogue or an editor using the wrong take, the MovieMistakes user theorizes it was just written wrong.

As Michal writes, “Chloe, Maze, and Ellen are discussing a murder and the death of Vernon Gill who was killed when hit by a car after he was fleeing pursuit from Chloe and Maze. They were discussing Dirty Doug who came in last night and Maze says ‘he came in last night and Gill said he threatened him for taking credit for Lee’s murder.’ How could Gill say anything when he was already dead from being hit by a car. Should be ‘he said Gill threatened him’ not Gill said since Gill’s dead, in hell.”

If this is a true blunder, it will be far from the first time a high-profile show releases a screwed-up scene. Game of Thrones Season 8 infamously included a cast member’s coffee cup in one important scene, and The Mandalorian accidentally included a crew member wearing jeans in one Season 2 episode. Even Saturday Night Live, currently in its 46th season, still messes up from time to time. So, while it isn’t the biggest deal, it’s still a fun bit of TV trivia for Lucifer die-hards.

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