Lucifer Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything Else


Lucifer is heading back to the streaming giant for a fifth season run in 2020. However, the sad and inescapable part of the fifth season is that Lucifer is premiering for the last time. In addition to this, the season has been split into a couple of parts.

Recently, Lucifer has become the latest show to get a revival on Netflix. Moreover, the streaming giant managed to get the series from FOX that reportedly canceled the series after the three seasons in the previous year. The series went through a revival after a significant campaign from fans in saving the series.

In the United States, Netflix is yet to stream the series; however, the ratings of the series in some of the international regions is quite great. Netflix picks up Lucifer’s mantle and the streaming giant has already said how it is going to continue the story of Lucifer.

Lucifer has been renewed for a 5th season

On the 7th of May 2019, Netflix has provided an update that it is going to renew the show for the fifth time. Nevertheless, the fifth season also came up with a bittersweet announcement which suggested that Lucifer is renewed for the last time.

Netflix also revealed to the world that Lucifer’s fans wholeheartedly welcomed the show on the streaming giant. Additionally, to repay the favor, Netflix is going to give them a parting gift.

The reaction that the series has received in the fourth season is tremendous. Lucifer, for the first time, has smashed the binge report of TVTime by outperforming Game of Thrones by HBO after it broke the hit TV Series’ all-time record. The fans would be glad to know that Lucifer has finished filming there are 10 episodes in the first part of the final season.


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