Ludwig slams TikTok after bullied creator gets doxxed

Less than a week after posting a video about the “most bullied man on TikTok,” Ludwig is back with an update on the situation – while also slamming the video platform’s moderation policies.

There are not many creators on TikTok who have reached the level of harassment we’ve seen ‘Bentellect’ receive recently.

After first reporting on Ludwig’s initial video about reactions Ben has been receiving, things have apparently gotten worse for the creator. People have apparently found his house, and are now ‘stitching’ Bentellect’s videos, showing that they are in front of his home.

Ludwig states that, since the videos of Ben’s house have been surfacing, his video comments have completely changed from vague threats to comments from users being on Bens side.

Ludwig’s issue with TikTok

As Ludwig stays at the start of the video: “F*** TikTok.”

After explaining the harassment Bentellect has been dealing with, Ludwig goes on to explain how little TikTok has actually done to prevent Ben’s personal information from being posted on the platform.

“The most f***ed up thing about this is the little action that TikTok has done,” Ludwig said in the video. He then explains that, even though doxxing is against the platform’s Terms of Service, the platform only removed the video, which was reposted on the same account shortly after it was removed.

Ludwig then jokes that TikTok’s moderation team is, “A robot and 1 guy asleep at his desk.”

Going on to show how messed up TikTok is by not addressing the serious issue Bentellect is facing, Ludwig shows a few of his videos that were taken down for “community guideline violations.”

It’s clear that the platform’s moderation system is not being well received by critics, but the fact this is happening in the first place is nothing short of disheartening, marking yet another instance of unwarranted harassment against content creators.

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