Luke Perry’s Only Son Jungle Boy Officially Dates a Stunning Wrestler 2 Years after His Father’s Passing

Luke Perry may have left his fans and family heartbroken two years ago, but now it’s time for new beginnings. His son, Jack Perry, also known as Jungle Boy, is in love and wants everyone to see. 

Many people were beside themselves when Luke Perry unexpectedly passed away at age 52 in 2019. The “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor suffered a massive stroke, leaving his loved ones heartbroken and distraught. 

According to reports, the actor passed away with his family by his side, including his only son, Jack. The professional wrestler even dropped out of a match to mourn his father’s death appropriately and privately. 

Jack Perry, aka Jungle Boy at the “All Elite Wrestling” panel during the TBS + TNT Summer TCA, July 2019 | Source: Getty Images

It has been two years since Perry passed away, and it seems his loved ones are finally finding silver linings in life again. For example, his son, Jack, is currently dating fellow athlete Anna Jay, according to his Instagram. 

The athlete, whose stage name ‘Jungle Boy,’ is inspired by a Tarzan-like character, recently posted a picture showing off his lady love. He wears his animal print attire in the picture where he kisses his girl passionately. 

Although Jack’s Jungle Boy attire may be a bit too much for some girls, Jay does not seem to mind it all. Her cool stance towards her boyfriend’s Tarzan-inspired costume is probably a result of her exposure to wrestling. 

Jay is signed to AEW as one of the youngest wrestlers despite only having two years of experience in the sport. The 23-year-old athlete credits the Bella twins for inspiring her to fulfill her potential:

“I loved the Bella Twins, I always say that. Alot of people would say to me, ‘Of course you do,’ but that is what got me into it.”

Much like Jay, Jack was also encouraged to fulfill his potential in wrestling by a famous icon. The icon was his late father, who was a fan of the sport even before Jack entered the business of wrestling. 

Jack even revealed that Perry was one of his closest confidants when it came to discussing his career. The 24-year-old’s father followed his childhood dream of being an actor, which encouraged Jack to speak about his dreams too:

“…it was cool to be able to talk to someone and bounce ideas off of someone who had taken their dream all the way and fulfilled it.”

Consequently, one of Jack’s biggest cheerleaders was his father. The actor was regularly spotted attending his son’s matches when he was still alive and even offered legal support for Jack’s first contract.

Even Perry’s co-stars were privy to his dedication to Jack’s career. Shannen Doherty told People Magazine that the actor often showed his friends and co-workers videos of his children as they were his biggest accomplishment. 

Thankfully, Jack still has a support system interested in the sport as much as his father was. One of his pillars includes “Cougar Town” actor and Perry’s fellow “Beverly Hills, 901210” co-star, David Arquette. 

Jack famously participated in a match against actor David Arquette in honor of Perry’s legacy. Arquette, a former professional wrestler, was a good friend to Perry and offered the same friendship to Jack in turn. 

Additionally, Jack is lucky to have a significant other who is in the same industry as him. The 24-year-old previously expressed that wrestling has seen him through challenging times, making it important in his life. 

Thankfully, Jay can understand where her boyfriend is coming from since she wrestles too. The young couple looks like a match made in wrestling heaven, which is fantastic for the beloved “Riverdale” actor’s only son. 

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