Macaulay Culkin Makes ‘American Horror Story’ Debut, and Fans Are Wowed

The newest season of American Horror Story premiered on Wednesday in a double feature with some new faces joining the cast –– one of them being Macaulay Culkin, and fans are offering rave reviews of the actor’s return to TV. Culkin stars on the anthology series as Mickey, a drug addict who’s moonlighting as a gay prostitute. Fans got their first glimpse of the star in the doubleheader when Gardner (played by Finn Wittrock) sits himself at a bar and unsuspectingly gets hit on by Culkin’s character who briefly flirts with him in the episode.

Culkin teased his appearance on the upcoming season earlier this week as he celebrated his 41st birthday on social media. “Like a fine bottle of worcester sauce we all get better with age. With that in mind here’s your yearly reminder that time does indeed march onward: I’m 41 years old. I hope you enjoy every passing year as much as I do. We’re not getting older, we’re just getting saucier,” he tweeted, before starting a thread.

A ‘Standout’ Among the Cast

After several seasons, some fans have started moving away from the AHS hype, but Culkin joining the show with his “standout” performance so far on the new season could be bringing some viewers back.


‘A Wonderful Addition’

“I am LOVING the new season of American Horror Story,” this fan wrote, adding that the cast is always a big draw with the list of regular big names.


‘A Perfect Fit’

“It’s so awesome to see Macalay Culkin acting again,” this fan wrote. Culkin hasn’t acted in several years after gaining fame as a child in multiple box-office successes.


A Great Start to the Season

Overall, fans found the season debut as a great start to the impending horrors that await its viewers.


Welcome to ‘AHS’

“Y’all, Macaulay Culkin understood the assignment,” this fan wrote, before welcoming him to the AHS family.


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