Machine Gun Kelly Reveals Dramatic Head Tattoo After Shaving off His Hair

Machine Gun Kelly shaved his head for a dramatic new look as he prepared to film a new music video, and while that’s eye-catching enough, his new head tattoo is garnering even more attention. The singer took a screenshot of a FaceTime conversation he was having with Cole Bennett, who directed the new video for “Papercuts,” letting his fans in on a little sneak peek of what to look forward to. However, his head tattoo is raising some eyebrows.

“i shaved my head for this,” the singer wrote as the caption via Twitter with the photo below it. Replacing his famous blonde look, the 31-year-old singer added a bold, black geometric tattoo at the center of his head instead. While he proudly rocked some new ink, fans couldn’t help but notice one of his more famous tattoos was not seen on his body.

“What my brain just processed: ‘he shaved his head. no he has less tattoos then he has now. no, he could have used makeup to cover them for a video or something. wait, idk,” one fan said according to PEOPLE. There has been speculation on whether Kelly really shaved his head or is using a bald cap. One fan wrote, “don’t lie we know it’s a bald cap.”

Whether his hair is really shaved or his tattoo is really removed, fans are certainly paying attention to Kelly these days and his ever-changing looks. He recently took to Instagram to share a video of he and Travis Barker as they got matching tattoos on their arms. “Born with horns,” the tattoos read as they got the statement tattooed over other tattoos that they already have. His caption read, “‘born with horns’ the album. we’re back from round two…” indicating they are teaming back up for more music together.

The two worked on Tickets to My Downfall, which is Kelly’s pop-punk album, together and was released at the end of 2020. While they seem to be hitting it off and spending lots of time together, their girlfriends Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox don’t seem to be taking as many photos and videos together. While there’s no word on whether they’re becoming close friends or not, Barker and Kelly show no signs of slowing down as they continue to give fans what they want.

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