Maci Bookout Shares Sad Family Update On Son Bentley

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout reveals sad details concerning her son, Bentley, and the Edwards family. The family dynamics between Maci Bookout and her ex, Ryan Edwards, have never been the best. Sadly, it doesn’t look as if that will be changing anytime soon.

Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards’ 12-year-old son, Bentley, wants a relationship with his estranged father and grandparents, but he wants family counseling to work out their issues. Ryan Edwards is not into counseling, so sadly, there has been little to no communication between them for several months. Bookout reveals she would love her son and Ryan to have a relationship. However, she has no plans on making peace with Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie, anytime soon. 

Ryan Edwards Behavior Does Not Surprise Maci Bookout

It is ‘last on the priority list,’ according to In Touch reports. However, Bookout does admit that Mackenzie has been reaching out to her in hopes of setting up a time to talk it out. But, Maci reveals she is steering clear for now.

“She texted me twice,” the MTV personality reveals the first time “had to have been [in] March because we were at a wrestling tournament and then again, probably about a month ago.” Bookout feels like there is too much past drama. Not to mention too many current issues that would have to change before that happens. “I’m truly not being ugly,” Maci continues, noting Mackenzie is “not really someone I wanna hang out with.” 

Last March, MTV’s Teen Mom OG producers fired Ryan, Mackenzie, and his parents, Jen and Larry, after a nasty confrontation during the reunion. 

Mackenzie claims she will never return to the reality series no matter what the circumstances. Unfortunately, since then, the drama between the family continues to mount. During last season Maci and Ryan butted heads following Bentley’s request for Ryan to attend family counseling with him. Ryan blames Maci, stating that she is pushing Bently into therapy.

“I don’t think it’s OK to use stuff that Bentley has got going on emotionally for a dollar,” Mackenzie states. She also calls out the network, claiming they ‘use everyone’s real emotional distress’ to make money.

Ryan Edwards Refuses To Go To Therapy With Bentley

Mackenzie Edwards Instagram

Oddly enough, Mackenzie is not the only former Teen Mom cast member calling out the network. Recently Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ ex, Nathan Griffith, stated the same. Ryan Edwards also claims he feels the show owes him money and he wants to be paid. Edwards is demanding compensation for his appearance on the new season after he was featured in a show trailer months following his firing. This could get interesting.

As far as Ryan and Bentley, Maci claims Bentley has not seen Ryan or his siblings for months. “He’s only seen him a couple of times this year,” Bookout states. “To be quite honest, Ryan doesn’t show up to any baseball games or anything like that. So it’s not shocking that he doesn’t see him that much.”

The new season of Teen Mom OG  premieres on MTV Tuesday, September 7, at 8 p.m. ET.

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