Madonna fans shocked by star’s ‘bizarre’ interview with Jimmy Fallon as she crawls on his desk and flashes bare butt

MADONNA fans were shocked by the star’s ‘bizarre’ interview with Jimmy Fallon.

The pop icon crawled on his desk and even flashed her bare butt.


NINTCHDBPICT000685368886Credit: 3


NINTCHDBPICT000685368986Credit: 3

Madonna promoted her “Madame X” concert film on The Tonight Show, which the show’s YouTube described as an “off the rails” interview.

Before speaking with Madonna, Jimmy told audiences: “Madonna’s been on the show many times and she never does anything that we plan.

“We can go over all the questions and then she comes out and says something else and takes over the show and it’s nerve-wracking for me.”

Madonna didn’t disappoint telling Jimmy: “I like to freak you out and make you think I’m going to do something crazy.”

She chuckled and his desk looked “too normal.

“Like, I just want to shove everything off of it and lay on it.

“Shove, shove,” Fallon invited her to have at it.

Madonna replied: “Seriously? I’ll do it. Maybe later, you’re expecting it now.”

Jimmy said: “No no no! Stop it! I don’t know what to do?”

Madonna insisted: “No one is going to see anything!” before flashing her behind.

Viewers tweeted: “Was not impressed. She sure is her own thing for sure. Seems so fake.”

Another commented: “The Madonna / Jimmy Fallon interview was a mess tbh.”

A third noted: “That Madonna interview on Jimmy Fallon was next level cringe. Like… she’s sitting there in her old 80s black lace, wearing grillz, and talking about her new material is inspired by James Baldwin?

“And that’s even before she humps Fallon’s desk.”

She also told audiences she’s planning to write a movie about her life.

Madonna shared: “Why would these people make a movie about my life? There’s nothing true in the script, the guy who is making it has no understanding of women, no appreciation of women, no respect for women.

“This happened a couple of times … and finally I just threw down the gauntlet. I just said there’s nobody on this planet that can write or direct a movie about me better than me.”



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