Madonna’s Opening Appearance At The VMAs Is Turning Heads

Madonna has a long history of making iconic moments at the VMAs. No one could ever forget her “Like A Virgin” performance where she rolled on the ground or her Broadway-inspired “Vogue” rendition. And that one time she shared a kiss with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera? A classic. But what shocked fans this year was Madonna’s rather cheeky appearance — literally. On stage, the singer was clad in an all-leather, dominatrix-esque ensemble, donning an Atsuko Kudo jacket, a leather apron from Moschino, a matching latex bra and corset, and Christina Louboutin pumps, per Variety.

When she walked off stage, the camera made sure to capture her strut, including her toned behind. The Twitterverse was quite shocked, as they couldn’t believe how the 63-year-old icon can look this good, even decades into her career. “The show just started and Madonna already wylin #VMA,” one fan tweeted. “Madonna just gave the haters more a** to kiss!” exclaimed another.

This isn’t the first time everyone went crazy over Madonna’s booty. In 2019, many speculated that she got butt implants after she appeared on stage with a rather plump behind. But the singer was quick to set the record straight, telling Twitter that she’s “Desperately Seeking No Ones Approval” and that she is “Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else!!” Butt implants or not, Madonna is and will always be a legend.


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