MAFS star Dean Wells slams covid vaccine ‘madness’

The former reality star claims the new rules have “segregated” those who don’t want the jab from “the rest of society”.

Married At First Sight star Dean Wells has slammed lockdown measures for the unvaccinated, claiming the rules have “segregated” those who don’t want the jab from “the rest of society”.

It comes as former Bachelorette Sam Frost revealed she was unvaccinated in a tearful Instagram video, claiming there was “harsh judgment” and “a lot of segregation” towards people like her.

Wells shared an Instagram post on Sunday night paying tribute to a friend who had recently died, claiming they “did not believe in being forced to get a jab”.

On Monday NSW’s lockdown finally ended, with fully vaccinated people able to enjoy some freedoms such as dining-in at restaurants and pubs as well as going to hairdressers and gyms.

Unvaccinated people will have to wait less than two months to enjoy the same freedoms, with the NSW government lifting restrictions for people who chose not to get the jab on December 1.

Several workplaces have either mandated that employees be fully vaccinated or submit to regular Covid testing before returning to in-person work.

The NSW Government have also made it a legal requirement for some professions, like those in aged care.

Health experts, including NSW Chief Medical Officer Dr Kerry Chant, have repeatedly said mass vaccination is the only way to end the pandemic and extended lockdowns in Australia.

All three available in Australia – AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna – are safe and effective vaccines, with serious side effects extremely rare.

In his Instagram post Wells argued that it was “perfectly reasonable for some people to not want to get it and we should respect everyone’s position”.

“No matter what your stance, there are many people in the community that are feeling pressured by mandates, losing their livelihood, being segregated from the rest of society and more,” he wrote.

“This madness has to end. We need to accept people’s choices and have understanding and compassion for everyone. Not just those who have the same views as us.”

Wells’ post attracted hundreds of comments, with fellow MAFS stars Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant both saying they were “so sorry” for the “sad” loss of his friend.

Others thanked Wells for “coming out” and that they “hope people can accept your view and not bully you off here like they did with Sam Frost”.

Frost deactivated her Instagram on Saturday, just hours after coming out and revealing she had not had the vaccine.

In the video the Home And Away actress said she “could get into trouble” for revealing her stance on the vaccine, but pleaded for “compassion” and “empathy” for those who have made the same decision as her.

“I was really hesitant about doing a video or even speaking up about this sort of thing, but I feel like it’s getting to a point now in the world where there’s a lot of segregation, a lot of harsh judgment, and its taking its toll on my mental health,” Frost told her 577,000 followers on Instagram.

“There are a lot of different reasons people aren’t getting vaccinated – and it might be because of their medical history, their concerns they might have, they might have family history, it might be religious reasons, whatever.

“I want to tell those people that feel like they’re getting separated from society – well, I’m not vaccinated, and there’s a reason why I’m not, I’ve spoken to my doctor and my psychologist about it, and I’m going to keep it private.”

Frost received intense backlash over the video, with most of it focused on her “disrespectful” use of the word “segregation” to describe her choice not to be vaccinated.


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