MAFS UK’s uncanny lookalikes – Scarlett Moffatt’s double to Chloe Ferry’s doppleganger

Married At First Sight UK is back and there are some familiar faces, as viewers can’t get over the celebrity similarities for some of the newlywed couples.

It was a double-take moment for many, as they wondered if a household name might have entered the show.

New bride Marilyse was thrilled with her James Bond lookalike husband Franky, but he wasn’t the only one with a famous doppelganger.

From reality TV names to soap opera hunks and world-famous pop stars, there’s a whole load of showbiz faces that look like they could be separated at birth from the latest batch of brave husbands and wives-to-be.

Daily Star has put together some of the comparisons – see what you think!

Franky / Daniel Craig

Fans couldn’t believe how much Franky looked like Daniel Craig
(Image: MAFS)

Former military man Franky, 47, set pulses racing with his Daniel Craig good looks, and fans were quick to point out the resemblance between the two.

Many think the newlywed is playing up to the similarities though, turning up to the wedding in a stunning vintage car.

On his instagram there are several snaps of him in a tux, posing Bond style alongside beautiful ladies.

Now a conditioning coach, Franky, 47, spends most of his time in Dubai, but if all else fails maybe he could star as a stunt double.

Amy Christophers/Scarlett Moffatt

Amy Christophers
Both starred in reality TV and enjoy presenting

Fans were doing a double take when stunning sports journalist Amy Christophers, 34, walked down the aisle, with many convinced she was Scarlett Moffatt, 30, at first sight.

The former glamour model was matched with a younger man, Joshua Christie, and many fear they aren’t well matched as Amy wants to settle down.

With their dark hair and glamorous make-up, Amy and Scarlett could pass for sisters at least.

Megan’s brother Mitchell/ Will Young

Mitchell Wolf
Megan’s brother looks a lot like Pop Idol star Will

Megan’s twin brother Mitchell, 26, attracted a lot of negative attention and trolling following the first episode, as he was criticised for his “overprotective” ways towards his sister as she married Bob.

However, fans also noticed he looked a lot like Pop Idol star Will Young.

“How is Megan’s twin brother a young ill Young? I hope her Grandad’s an old Gary Oldman” tweeted one.

“Why is the Will Young guy coming on like full Alan Sugar?” asked another.

“Anyone else think Megan’s brother is a dead ringer for Will Young?” queried another viewer.

Nikita / Chloe Ferry

Nikita Jasmine
Fans thought Nikita should be on Geordie Shore instead of MAFS UK

Nikita has caused a lot of concern over her fiery behaviour on the show, including the moment where she threw a cup at new husband Ant.

Unsurprisingly to many viewers, Nikita is friends with several of the Geordie Shore cast, with lots of them saying she should have been on that show instead.

A common comparison was made between Nikita and Chloe Ferry, and they weren’t always flattering comments either.

MAFS isn’t Nikita’s first reality show either, she also appeared on True Love Or True Lies and Your Face Or Mine.

Morag’s mum / TOWIE’s Debbie Bright

Debbie Bright
Fans were convinced TOWIE’s Debbie had ‘gatecrashed’ the wedding

Twitter blew up with people wondering why Debbie Bright was attending Morag’s wedding.

The unmistakable blonde locks confused people, with viewers convinced that Debbie Bright’s mum had “gatecrashed” the Married At First Sight UK wedding.

Morag’s mum was there to lend support to her daughter with a glass of fizz ahead of the ceremony.

Fans said: “Isn’t that Lydia’s mum from TOWIE?”, as another quizzed: “This woman’s mum looks like Debbie from TOWIE.”

Ant/Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams

Ant looks like a Grey’s Anatomy heart throb

Married At First Sight viewers thought Nikita’s new husband Ant is the spitting image of US drama star Jesse Williams.

He played Dr Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy from 2009 to 2021, and fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Ant, 28, on the show.

Ant showed he had the patience required after some dramatic arguments with newlywed Nikita, and fans are eager to see what happens next.

His lookalike got a divorce last year, so hopefully Ant will have more success.

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