Making the Most of Casino Bonuses


The Intertops mobile casino and other online casinos offer multiple casino bonuses that give both budget gamers and high stakes players a chance to maximize their gambling wins with casino amenities and other special give-aways.


Member cards, gaming credits and other bonuses have always been a feature of Vegas casinos. From Vegas’s earliest days the casinos would entice gamers to come back time and time again to try their luck at the slots machines and the gaming tables. Gamers would be issued a “member’s card” upon entry to the casino and every time the individual played a game s/he would receive bonus credits or points that could be used for special give-aways.

These bonuses, however, were for perks and other small amenities – restaurant meals, hotel discounts, etc.  None of these bonuses were real money bonuses which meant that players couldn’t use them to achieve additional cash rewards.    

The online casino adopted a different model. Their bonuses, including gaming credits, points, comp points and other casino give-aways, all lead in the same direction – they allow users to play more games for more time so that they can amass more cash prizes.

That’s just one more reason that playing online brings you more rewards.

Gambling Services

Online casino players enjoy special gambling services that deliver additional casino promotions and payouts. The gamer can add those promotions to his regular game wins and finish his gaming event with bigger wins. These bonuses are available to  high rollers and budget players alike. The online casino features a number of opportunities that make for a more satisfying casino event.

There are no minimum table limits for online players meaning that every gamer can play the game that s/he prefers, at the level that’s most comfortable, and continue to take advantages of the casino bonuses. All of the bonuses are applicable to all of the games for both PC or mobile players.

To collect the bonus give-aways that are applicable to you, simply submit your username and password to the casino on your PC or mobile device and start playing. The casino will automatically credit your account with the relevant bonuses – bonuses for a new or veteran player, bonuses for the day of the week or the season that you’re playing and even special added bonuses for games played at specific times of the year.

Just sign in, play your game and collect your bonus gifts – it’s as easy as that!


There are a number of different types of bonuses. Many of these bonuses are cumulative, meaning that you can use one bonus gift on top of the other. The bonuses transfer from one device to the other so you can achieve bonuses while playing on your PC and then continue to use them while you play on your mobile.

Some of the bonuses that you can find at the online casino include:

Welcome Bonus

When you’re a new player at the casino you don’t begin to accumulate bonuses right away. To help you get started, the casino presents you with a Welcome Bonus that awards you extra points and credits on your first casino deposits.

The Welcome Bonus adds match bonus credits to your initial deposits during your first week of casino activity. As soon as you sign into the casino you become eligible to receive an immediate match on your  opening wagers. That means that, for every dollar that you bet, you receive additional dollars of real money credits. Best of all, all of the payouts that you achieve on those bonus dollars are yours to take home.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points are credits that you earn from your gaming activities. The more you play, the more Loyalty Points you receive. The casino features a Loyalty Point table which you can check to see how many Loyalty Points you have accrued.

Every game features its own number of loyalty points and each time that you sign into play at the casino, your new Loyalty Points total will be added to your existing bank of points.  As you climb up the Loyalty Point ladder the casino will present you with give-aways, with the level of give-aways depending on the number of points that you’ve collected. If you have a low Loyalty Points accumulation you can redeem those points for small prizes or if you want to wait until you collect a high total you can redeem the points for big casino prizes.


Every month there are new and exciting contests waiting at the casino. Everyone is invited to enter these contests which add bonus gifts to your existing wins. The more you play, the more contests you can enter and the more contest prizes you’ll be able to take home.  

VIP Room

The VIP room is for players who demonstrate a commitment to gaming entertainment with frequent and high stakes gambling activities. If you’re playing at a high level you might receive an invitation into the VIP room. Once in the VIP room you become eligible to vie for lucrative VIP prizes. 


Regardless of your preferred games you can collect game bonuses and add those bonus prizes to your regular game wins and to your casino bonus give-aways. When your game gets to the bonus round, just click “play” and continue playing the game for bonus gifts. The game machine will automatically alert you to impending bonus rounds and wins.

Enhance your gaming adventure with any of the casino’s bonus give-aways for a more satisfying and rewarding casino event.


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