Male Karen Calls Black TikToker Waiting for Daughter ‘Suspicious’

A Black TikToker uploaded three videos of a verbal standoff she had with a man she says is “racist” for calling her “suspicious” because she didn’t have a front license plate on her pickup truck.

The videos, which have a combined 163,800 views, were posted on Sept. 9. In the first video, the woman recording captures the verbal disagreement that she had with the man sitting in his own pickup truck. She claims that she was just sitting in her vehicle, and the first thing the man said to her was that she “looked suspicious.”

According to the TikToker, the man said he would be calling the sheriff. The man denied the accusation in the video, but the TikToker stood by her claim.

“You’re in my neighborhood, you’re sitting in your car, you have no plates,” the man says in the video. The TikToker cuts him off and says, “You don’t know if I’m waiting on my fucking daughter to get out of school from pre-K. Stupid ass.”

She says that he didn’t check in to see if she was OK or if she needed assistance but instead just immediately assumed she wasn’t where she needed to be.

In the second video, she recorded the license plates and the exterior of his car. “Exposing all you racist mf!!!!” the overlay text on the video says.

In the third video, the TikToker repeatedly says, “d” The woman yells that the man wouldn’t have bothered her if she was white. She also says that she doesn’t have to tell the man anything because she doesn’t know who he is. “Here comes Karen husband,” the text overlay says.

The comments section of the videos was filled with support for the TikToker.

“They pretend we the problem but clearly we mind our own business and they stay in it,” one person wrote. Another person said, “It’s the ‘my neighborhood’ privileged statement for me.”

The Daily Dot could not immediately reach the TikToker.

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*First Published: Sep 20, 2021, 3:52 pm CDT

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