Mama June’s EX Boyfriend Geno Doak Admitted To REHAB CENTER, She Moves On With New ‘Boyfriend’ Jordan

Mama June Shannon had a very controversial relationship with her former boyfriend, Geno Doak. The two initially shared a good bond, but it did not work well for Honey boo’s mother. Mama June considers it to be a very deteriorating relationship.

Recently, Mama June said that she has nothing to do with Geno. And anyone who wants to know about him can directly go to him and ask about his whereabouts instead of poking her. This shows that June Shannon has wholly swapped away the man from her life.

She said, “Go there. You want to know where he’s at? That’s his business. That’s not part of my life and hasn’t been, it’s just not”. Recently, there have been headlines that Mama June’s ex-boyfriend is taking the help of a rehabilitation center to track back on life. So, where is he going, and what is he up to? Keep reading to know the details.

Mama June: Geno Doak Takes Help Of REHAB To Get Back On Life

In March 2019, the 45-year -old Geno Doak was accused of drug arrest. Mama June Shannon was also involved in the possession in Alabama. He was charged with possession of having the restricted substance ‘cocaine’. In August this year, Mama June disclosed that she does not have any connections with her ex-boyfriend.

However, Geno is not physically behind bars. He was sentenced to 16 months in Macon County Community Corrections. Recently, as reported by TMZ

, Doak after being hospitalized in Fort Pierce, Florida, for a month, is referred to a recovery center in South Carolina.

Mama June

The man seems to take help from rehab to live a sober life in the future. The minimum duration is 120 days which if he wants, can extend up to a year.

The rehab provides patients with learning for life. Moreover, they make sure that the people find employment to take care of their responsibilities. This seems a green flag to the betterment of Geno’s life.

What Is Mama June’s Relationship Status? Is She Dating Someone?

The 42-year-old Mama June Shannon, as per the reports, is dating a social media influencer, Jordan McCollum. Recently she called herself mama and McCollum daddy to his pet dog. This seems to develop speculations in the minds of fans as to what the two are up to.

mama june

However, Mama June’s eldest daughter does not seem very happy with her mother’s new suitor. She thinks that McCollum keeps begging for money on TikTok. Moreover, he believes that Mama June is his piggy bank.

It would be interesting to see what this new relationship brings for Mama June Shannon. From breaking bonds with her complicated relationship in the past, will Mama June find her right match in the new blogger? Let us know in the comment section.


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