Man accepts blue rock from girl as ice cream’s payment

Twitter user Andrew Hilary shared the sweet tale involving ice cream and blue rock.

“I am now one blue rock richer,” this is what a Twitter user wrote while sharing a story about how he accepted a stone as payment from a girl for an ice cream. The thread detailing the tale has won people’s hearts and gone all kinds of viral. There is a possibility it will leave you with a smile too.

Twitter user Andrew Hilary shared, “A little girl just came up to the ice cream truck and asked if she could buy ice cream with a blue rock she found. I am now one blue rock richer.” In a reply to the same post, he also shared an image of his “finances.”

He also added a witty line at the end of the thread. “Btw nobody shows this tweet to my boss,” he wrote.

The main post, since being shared, has gathered more than 7.4 lakh likes and the numbers are only increasing. People had a lot to share about the incident.

“That’s so sweet. First thing I read in the morning,” wrote a Twitter user while re-sharing the post. “Kids are so innocent, and some adults are so kind,” posted another. “Way to go, man, my granddaughters would love you forever lol,” expressed a third.

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