Man accused of ‘stealing’ neighbour’s cat for saving him after being hit by car

A man’s neighbour has accused him of theft after he saved her cat who was hit by a car – the internet has praised him for his perfect response to the neglectful owner

The cat had always previously lived indoors before being kicked out

A man is being praised online after he confessed to ‘stealing’ his neighbour’s cat, after the beloved feline was hit by a car.

Taking to Reddit, the man explained that the cat had always lived indoors, until around two years ago, when his neighbour seemingly kicked the feline out, forcing the moggy to live outdoors in the wet and cold all year round.

“Over the course of the month or so, I watched the cat’s condition decline steadily; matting, fleas, getting skinny, etc,” he wrote on the Am I The A**hole forum. “He also seemed really distressed being outside, always begging and meowing to try and get into people’s houses.”

The man would regularly let the cat in, where he would feed and take care of the animal, until his neighbour came round and shouted at him, accusing him of trying to “steal her cat.”

The man did everything he could to try and look out for the cat


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“I didn’t want to cause trouble so I stopped letting him in, but I still fed him. It was painful watching him suffer,” he explained, before adding that the “final straw” came around two weeks ago.

“The cat was hit by a car while crossing the road when the neighbour was not home. I saw it happen and rushed out to him to make sure he was still alive and I took him to the emergency vet. He ended up having a leg amputated, which all in all it cost me almost $3000.”

But, instead of informing the neighbour about what had happened, the man simply paid the fees and told the vet he was a stray cat. The vet checked the feline for a microchip but he didn’t have one, so he helped the man contact a shelter and file a ‘lost pet’ report.

“I took him home and have not let him outside at all since the accident,” the man continued. “The stray holding period for my city is five days before an animal is considered abandon and since the neighbour has not claimed the cat through the shelter or asked me about him at any point in the past two weeks, so I decided to keep him.”

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However, the neighbour eventually spotted the now-three-legged cat lounging in the man’s window, prompting her to come over and say she’d been looking for him all week, before demanding the man hand the pet over.

“She said if I didn’t hand him back she would file a police report for me ‘stealing’ him. I told her she must have the wrong cat as mine had three legs and shut the door in her face,” he added.

“She screamed through the door for awhile and then left. Still waiting to see if she calls the cops.”

The man turned to Reddit to question whether he was justified in lying to keep the cat, and he was heaped in praise for everything he did to not only save the cat, but make sure he lives a happy and healthy life.

“Pretty sure her cat got hit by a car and died, while you rescued and cared for a cat who’s owner abandoned it. Hard to look for a cat when you don’t even check the shelter,” one Reddit user commented.

“If they did call the cops, they would recognise you as the owner because you have the cat chipped and have medical papers to prove your caring for the cat,” another added.

“And without having to lie, you can simply tell them you witnessed an apparent stray get hit by a car, appropriately waited the grace period of five days, and claimed ownership when no one asked about it. That’s legal. F*** your neighbours. And good on you for giving the cat a good home.”

A third wrote: “Thank you for taking such great care of this sweet baby. You are awesome and I hope you and your adorable tripod have many happy years together.” We couldn’t agree more.

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