Man builds rotating house for his wife after ‘getting tired of her complaining’

A man who built his wife a rotating house said he did it after he got tired of her ‘complaining’.

Self-taught innovator, Vokin Kusic, said his wife wanted a home with a more diverse view so he built her a home where she could watch the sunrise in one moment and passers-by in the next.

The 72-year-old told Reuters: “I’ve got tired of her complaints and the frequent refurbishing of our family house and I said: I’ll build you a rotating house so you can spin it as you wish.”

The unique home is situated in a fertile plain in northern Bosnia near the town of Srbac.

Vojin Kusic house is seen while rotating by electric motors and wheels from a military transporter

It spins around a seven-metre axis designed by Kusic, with the view of cornfields and farmland changing to forests and the river.

Mr Kusic said: “The house can make a full circle for 24 hours when it’s at the slowest speed, while at the fastest spinning it can make a full circle in 22 seconds.”

However, his wife did not wish to comment on their new family home.

The mechanism of Vojin Kusic's rotating house is seen in Srbac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The mechanism of Vojin Kusic’s rotating house is seen in Srbac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The inventor explained that he drew inspiration from Serbian-American inventors, Nikola Tesla and Mihajlo Pupin, but coming from a poor family without the possibility of a good education had forced him to look for ways to make things by himself.

“This is not an innovation, it only requires will and knowledge, and I had enough time and knowledge,” he said, adding that he had built the house completely by himself.

The project took six years to finish, except time off for a hospital stay due to a heart condition. The house is more resistant to earthquake damage than stationed houses, he said.

“I asked doctors to try to prolong (my life) for at least a year because I have this project in my head, and … nobody will know how to complete it.”

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