Man calls police after finding bones in a wall

A man contacted police after finding bones stashed behind the wall in his house.


TikTok user Francis Chuckie Raven shared a video in which he revealed that he had discovered some bones in his walls and was concerned that they could have been human.

In the clip, Raven said: “Waiting for cops to come, found some bones in my wall. Are they human? I don’t f***ing know. I hope not though.”

He later revealed that the police carried out some tests on the bones and were able to determine that they actually came from some lamb chops.

Raven explained: “Just got a call back from the cops and the lady said, ‘The results are in, they’re lamb chop bones.’

“So that was a complete waste of their time, but what am I meant to do? Why are they in my wall? I can’t leave my wall bones there.”


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