Man confronted another man for working out with his top off.

A heated moment has been capture at a gym in the United States where a man confronted another man for working out with his top off.

The incident was captured by fitness TikToker Nick Nush, who was initially recording a video of his back when he noticed another man filming him for no apparent reason.

Nush asked him what was going on only for the man to reply “You’re shirtless in the fucking gym, r****d.” Nush then explains that he was just filming his back while he worked out.

The man continues to stare at Nush and shouts “f**k f****t” and flip him off. Eventually, the man then decides to walk over to Nush and gets in his face and continues to swear at him, after Nush asked him “what are you mad an 18-year-old is bigger than you?”

In a voiceover, Nush says: “I don’t even know this dude and I’m confused as hell what’s going on. He continues to stare at me, flip me off, and mouth things at me.”


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In the comments to his video, which has been viewed on TikTok more than 5 million times, Nush says that he didn’t hit the guy because he “wasn’t worth it” and that “I’m more mature than this guy.”

In a comment given to The Daily Dot, Nush said: “I didn’t know what to do because I’ve never thought someone would act like this in the gym.”

The confrontation has attracted many comments on TikTok with numerous people comparing it to the type of harassment that women receive at the gym when men secretly film them.

One person wrote: “This is toxic masculinity in action. You just experienced a tenth of what most women have to endure in the weights section every day.”


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