Man Confronting Women Over ‘Pornographic’ Bikinis Goes Viral

  • Footage of a male beachgoer confronting a group of women for wearing bikinis has gone viral.
  • In the TikToks, which have millions of views, the man describes their swimwear as “pornographic.”
  • He later defended his actions on his own TikTok, saying he felt compelled by “righteous anger.”

A group of women in Fort Collins, Colorado, have gone viral after a TikTok showed a man at the beach saying they were “flaunting” their bodies and comparing their bikinis to “pornography.”

Two videos of the incident and a follow-up were posted on TikTok by user @ggarbagefairy, who states her name is Mia. Cumulatively, her three videos concerning the incident have gained over 4 million views. In one of the videos, one girl in the friend group said that most of them just turned 18 years old.

The man later responded in his own TikTok video, refusing to apologize for trying to “defend and protect young eyes.”

In the first TikTok, which was posted on Tuesday, a man appears to walk up to the group of women on a beach, saying, “Why do you dress this way?”

He then says to the group that they need to “take young eyes into consideration” because “they don’t need to see pornography.”

“You’re flaunting your stuff,” he added. “You look around and you’re the only thing that sticks out because your whole body is showing.”

The group can then be heard laughing in the background. “I’m not flaunting anything, don’t look at me,” one woman said, while another asked, “Why are you looking at me? Close your eyes.”

The man said he had the right to approach the group about this because “there’s free will in America, there’s freedom of speech.”

“If men of God don’t stand up then our society’s going to go down the drain because there’s no morality,” he added.

He continued, “The reason why you’re showing your body is because you’re like, ‘am I pretty enough.'”

The women can be heard asking him to leave, with several of them calling him “embarrassing” and one asking if he would be approaching men wearing swimsuits in the same way. He said that he wouldn’t, because “that’s a lot different.”

The argument continued in a second TikTok, which showed another woman approaching and telling the group, “It does matter what you guys wear not because of what he said but because you need to value yourself, if you’re valuing yourself that’s the important thing.”

In a third TikTok posted the following day, Mia displayed a photo that purportedly showed the group of women wearing the bikinis in question. “None of them are thong-style bikinis, which even if they were it would not matter. They were really normal bikinis… there were lots of people wearing the same stuff, it was a public beach,” she said.

In the same video, Mia said the man shown was a TikTok user who goes by the name Logan Dorn.

Dorn later posted his own TikTok that appeared to confirm he was the man in the video. He said he wanted to share his side of the story and respond to accusations that he was “harassing” and “berating” the women.

The man said he was compelled by a “righteous anger” and “boldness by the Holy Spirit” to confront the group after family members, whom he was vacationing with, said that they wanted to move to a different spot on the beach because the women were “showing too much.”

He said that he also felt compelled to “defend and protect young eyes” because he was “introduced to pornography at a young age,” which “destroyed him,” he said.

“I’m not going to apologize,” he added in his TikTok. “Society is on such a downclimb of morality.”

Neither Mia nor Dorn immediately responded to Insider’s requests for comment.

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