Man Confronts and Teaches a Lesson to ‘Creep’ who is Taking Photos of Women

A “creep” got what he deserved after he was caught taking unsolicited pictures of women at a grocery store. He had the most bizarre reason for taking the shots.

TikTok user Daisy took to the video-sharing platform to share her encounter with a creepy man at the mall. The video showed a man, supposedly Daisy’s boyfriend confronting another man for allegedly taking sneak photos of women at the mall.

The confrontation commenced after the poster noticed an elderly man in the corner of the store, capturing her and her twin sister with his phone camera as they went about their shopping.

Upon the discovery, the sisters challenged him, with Daisy’s boyfriend, Chase taking the lead. As the altercation progressed, they recorded the incident, sharing it on TikTok. The two-part video has garnered millions of views, likes, and comments. She captioned:

“Girls be careful out there and watch your back. This creep was taking pictures of my twin sister and I. Glad we weren’t shopping alone.”

The clip opened with two men questioning the privacy invader about the photos and why he took them. One of them stood behind the creep, forcing him to scroll through the photos and delete them while he watched.

Chase looked furious as he rebuked the man’s actions, saying it was inappropriate to take pictures of random women. The older man seemed unrepentant, mouthing “yeah.. yeah..” while complying with his apprehenders’ demands.

His attitude seemed to provoke Chase further, prompting the furious boyfriend to ask who the man thought he was. Again, the man gave a witty response, saying, “I don’t know.”

Following his response, Chase asked the other man to notify a member of staff. Before the employee arrived, the weird shopper already deleted a total of 69 pictures taken. At some point, the men asked the creep if he was a pedophile, to which he replied “no.”

Concluding the elderly man was sick, Chase and his companions returned to their carts and were about wheeling away when an employee arrived.

They proceeded to explain the situation to the staff member, asking her to kick the stalker out of the store. The worker then asked the man to explain why he was taking pictures of the female shoppers. To that, he gave a jaw-dropping response, saying:

“Boredom, I think.”

The response provoked Chase into hauling vulgarities at the older man until the store employee motioned for him to walk away.

Several netizens have expressed outrage over the man’s audacious behavior. Via comments, someone asked how they discovered the man’s actions.

Daisy explained he never tried to hide it, as he took shots without masking the sound of the shutters. Many TikTokers commended Chase for handling the situation well. One wrote:

“Glad you confronted him! Wish more men would go after creeps like this. Most applaud or excuse it though.”

Others insisted the man did nothing wrong by taking pictures, as they were in public. However, many users were quick to disagree, referring to the “creep’s” supporters as “sick.” A comment read:

“The people that are defending him bc of his age… illegal or not, it’s NOT okay to take pictures of strangers!!!! You guys are what’s wrong with the world.”

Many wondered if the elderly man had underlying mental health issues, given his behavior, with a user commenting: “What he did was wrong and invasive, but he does seem developmentally different.”

Amid the heated debate over the appropriateness of the creepy man’s actions, netizens couldn’t help but nurse curiosity as to what he planned to do with the photos had he not been discovered.

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