Man discovers woman he matched with on Tinder was his dog’s previous owner

A man went viral after he discovered that his Tinder date was the previous owner of his dog.

After the discovery, the couple went on an emotional date in the park with the puppy that connected them.

Twitter user JimNo revealed that matched with a woman on the dating app only to later realise through conversation that she was the previous owner of his labrador.

He shared the exchange they had over text, and the tweet went viral, receiving more than 100,000 likes and being retweeted more than 6,000 times.

The couple only discovered their connection when the woman talked about having a dog with the name as the man’s labrador Onyx.

The texts shared by JimNo

In the conversation, his date said: “Just throwing it out there, my lab was called Onyx too. Weird.”

When asked if her dog had to be rehomed, she replied: “He was unfortunately put up for adoption in 2018 when I was like 17, don’t think I’ve been so upset in my whole life, he was the best.”

She added: “If it was my choice definitely wouldn’t have let him go!”

The realisation hits when JimNo replied: “I’ve only had Onyx that long…”

Twitter users begged him to take the labrador on the date with him, with some even calling for the pair to get married.

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Following their date, JimNo wrote on Twitter: “Many tears, some great memories and one very happy dog” along with images of his black labrador Onyx meeting his former owner.

He added: “Onyx unfortunately didn’t remember her at first, but you could see that there was something there by the end of it. We’ll see each other regularly too.”

A Twitter user commented: “Yaaaas the update we’ve all been waiting for.”

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