Man divides opinion on how to deal with annoying kids on a flight

A PODCASTER has revealed how he puts up with annoying kids on a flight – but has divided opinion.

Giulio Gallarotti, co-host of Oops The Podcast, explained how he had to deal with the little passengers on an Emirates flight.


A man has revealed his tactic for dealing with annoying kids on a flightCredit: Getty

He said that the problems started after he picked a middle seat, which had no passengers next to him – only for some parents to put their kids next to him.

He explained: “I was horizontal for like 3 hours – I finally sit up and then all of a sudden these people from the row behind me, like, put their kids in the row next to me […] after I had already claimed the seats.”

“And the kid was bashing his pillow watching his little brother play on an iPad.

“And I was like: ‘this is f***** up’ so you know what I did?

“I death stared them. And these kids are like 7 and 5 years old. That’s one of those moments they’ll never forget.”

He said they eventually moved away.

His co-host Francis was on his side and said: “The parents are just kicking their problem to you.”

Another person on social media appeared to agree, saying: “The old death stare.”

However, others said that you can’t “claim territory over vacant seats”.

Last month, a mum was slammed for being “entitled” after demanding a stranger stopped watching a film and played games with her seven-year-old son during a flight.

And one mum hit back at a passenger on a flight after catching them texting about her “ill-behaved brats”.

Thankfully, a flight attendant has revealed their top tips on travelling with young kids – from seats to avoid to the extras you can ask for from crew.

Experts have revealed how to make sure flights are easy with kids


Experts have revealed how to make sure flights are easy with kidsCredit: Getty
Mum hits back after catching stranger texting about her ‘ill-behaved brats’ during a flight


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