Man ‘emailed Bumble’ to ask if there was ‘glitch’ because he wasn’t getting any matches

It’s an unspoken truth that typically, straight cis men tend to swipe right on almost every woman they come across on dating apps. Women tend to be pickier whereas some men treat it like a numbers’ game, casting their proverbial nets far and wide.

But what happens when you swipe right on everyone, and still don’t get a match?

One man faced this dilemma in 2016 and resolved that it must be the fault of the app itself, obviously.

Taking to TikTok, his now-girlfriend @jadeswildparty29 exposed the email he sent to Bumble five years ago asking their team to check if “there is a glitch with [his] profile”.

Since uploading the video, Jade has garnered 2.3 million views and over 120,000 likes.

Emailing Bumble support on a Tuesday night, he wrote: “To whom it may concern. Hello Bumble. I recently have been active on your Bumble app, and I am concerned there is a glitch with my profile.

“Today I’ve been swiping right on EVERY person and I did not match with a single person. Not one. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not gloating about my looks, but I should be getting at least one match.

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“I mean my friend Peter looks like that one guy from The Goonies and he’s getting more matches than me.”

He concluded the email by asking them to look into the matter before wishing them a nice day.

A member of Bumble’s support team replied to say there is nothing wrong with his profile.

They wrote: “Please remember that the more you play the game, the more chances you will have to find a match!”

The Bumble staff member advised him that having more photos on his profile will increase his chances of right-swipes, and said high-quality photos in particular perform better.

The email concludes: “Keep on Bumbling!”

One TikToker commented: “‘To whom it may concern’… sir the only one concerned is you in this video” along with laughing emojis.

Another person wrote: “Hilarious but that’s a huge ick”. Responding to the comment, Jade said: “It’s okay I love him, we all do stupid sh*t when we’re young.”

The official TikTok account for Trojan condoms wrote: “Peter reveal.” Jade replied to say she wish she knew who Peter was.

Another person wrote: “Okay but you’re so pretty so he won in the end.” Replying, Jade said: “We both won” along with a heart emoji.

Another TikToker commented to say that he is hot and added: “He is so polite on the email, rare breed.”

Posting a follow-up video together, Jade showed “the man, the myth, the legend” before asking viewers to make up their own minds if it was a glitch or not.

It all worked out well for him in the end as he met his girlfriend and the pair still seem smitten years later.

All’s well that ends well.

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