Man gets probation for assault of police officer


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who assaulted one Wichita Falls Police officer and threatened several others received a plea deal for probation.

Kenneth Scott Hatch received four years probation in 89th District Court on Thursday, September 2.

Hatch has another assault charge pending that was filed in connection to a shooting death on Colleen last February that led to a murder charge, which was later dismissed.

The Assault of an Officer charge was filed in March of 2020, along with charges of retaliation, resisting arrest and Assault Family Violence.

Police went to the 2800 block of Roanoke on a family disturbance call. They found a woman in the driveway who told them Hatch had their child inside.

The woman said Hatch was very intoxicated, and when she tried to leave with the child, he pushed her and began throwing things at her and hit her with a large, rubber rain boot.

Police said they went to the door, and Hatch answered it, holding the child.

Officers took the child, and, when they told Hatch he was under arrest, he began cursing and said he was going to beat them all.

He knocked a taser out of one officer’s hand, and a struggle ensued involving several officers, police said. After several minutes, they got Hatch handcuffed. On the way to the patrol car, he kept making more threats, according to officers.

Inside the car, officers said Hatch got his handcuffed hands from behind his back, and, as they tried to get him out to re-handcuff him, he continued to resist and make threats.

As one officer got behind him, they said Hatch threw his head back with great force and hit the officer in his mouth.

Just over a year later, Hatch was charged with assault in connection with an argument and fight that led to the shooting death of Charles Bolf on Colleen.

Police said Bolf, Hatch and another man had responded to a call for help from Bolf’s daughter. When they arrived, a confrontation ensued between them and her boyfriend, Alton Rhodes.

Shots were fired, and Rhodes was charged with Bolf’s murder.

Rhodes said he shot in self defense after being attacked, and the murder charge was later dismissed when the grand jury declined to return an indictment.

Two assault charges against Rhodes remain pending.

Hatch was also arrested again in June 2021, when police said he fled a traffic stop and was found in a field near a bag that contained a loaded handgun.

Officers said he denied the bag was his, but later, after being handcuffed, asked an officer to get him a cigarette out of the bag.

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